Jennifer Konfrst Goes On Offense On Iowa Press

Rep. Jennifer Konfrst

I would say House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst killed it on this weekend’s edition of Iowa Press. I hope that those of you who have said you no longer watch the show because it is worthless or too frustrating, will watch this episode because she was amazing.

Normally I do a fairly long rant about Iowa Press on Mondays. But today I’ll just post my worst question award that goes to panel member Clay Masters of Iowa Public Radio, followed by my favorite answer by the guest, Jennifer Konfrst.

Watch the program. There is so much more to see that will get your blood boiling if you like that kind of thing.

Worst Question:

Clay Masters felt obliged to tell us that he has heard from listeners – more than one actually, so possibly as many as two – or did Jeff Kaufmann contact him twice? – who think Democrats complain too much about the Republican trifecta induced legislation.  He was wondering what Democrats’ ideas might be.  Apparently, all you have to do is you and one of your friends contact Masters and give him your opinion about Republicans, and you could get your talking point on the air during the next show when he’s interviewing a Republican.. but somehow I doubt it.

Best Answer:

Paraphrasing Konfrst’s response – I thought you’d never ask….

Konfrst:  “.. We’re not just complaining. We’re being proactive about what we would do. We introduced legislation all session that was ignored by republicans but is wanted by the majority of Iowans. So, the question should be to republicans, why aren’t you doing what Iowans are asking you to do? I knocked on a lot of doors. They talked to me about affordable housing. They talked to me about reproductive freedom over and over and over again. The legislature did nothing on those issues this year. They took a page from a national playbook, ran a bunch of bills that were written by someone else out of state and they’re running a campaign for the special interests. We’re running to serve Iowans.”

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