Sunday Funday: Earth Day Was Yesterday Edition


There just didn’t seem to be enough exciting news on the climate change front to use space for Earth Day yesterday. Earth Day is significant, but only one day during which a lot of politicians and other notables pretend to care. Every day, every moment should be a moment that you ask yourselves “does his add to the problem.

But today’s headlines are again focused on guns and how some folks in this country seem to think they can kill anyone and then claim they were endangered. A boy kicks on the wrong door BLAM! Woman turns into the wrong driveway BLAM! A cheerleader gets in the wrong car BLAM! A little girl’s ball rolls into a neighbors yard BLAM! Is this civilization? Do you think this is what the founders envisioned for this country?

Yet Fox News bought its way out of a lawsuit that might have delved into how they have been central to making this a fearful, hateful country where so many are armed and ready to kill.

Another eventful week

A) “Rapid unscheduled disassembly” was the classic way the SpaceX company described what event?

B) Who is Ralph Yarls?

C) In the ongoing saga of The Governor versus the Mouse what move did DeSantis threaten Disney World with last week?

D) A law to allow children to work passed the Iowa senate after an overnighter last Tuesday. What two lobbyists were giving most credit for this odious bill?

E) The big news of the week was Fox News’ stunning settlement with what company they accused (without evidence) of rigging the 2020 election?

F) Climate change becomes an imminent threat above 350 PPM as measured at Mauna Loa observatory. What was the most recent readings?

G) Mike Lindell – the ‘genius’ behind the MyPillow – was ordered to pay $5 million to a data analyst who did what?

H) Senator Dick Durban, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has invited who to speak to the committee about “Supreme Court ethics”?

I ) As the country waited for the SCOTUS decision on the status of mifepristone Wednesday, the SCOTUS decided what on Wednesday?

J) What major development took place in the trial for murdered HS Teacher Nohema Graber of Fairfield last week?

K) Oops – almost forgot to ask how much did Fox settle the lawsuit against them for?

L) While we are at it, what other company has a $2.7 Billion defamation lawsuit against Fox?

M) The new Iowa Education Director was confirmed by the Iowa senate Monday. As director, Chad Aldis lacks what very necessary credential?

N) Whoops! Who dropped a bomb on a city in their own country Friday?

O) What book published in 1962 is usually given credit for spawning the environmental movement in the US?

P) The Boy Scouts of America are out of bankruptcy. They will establish a $2.4 billion fund for victims of what by the organization?

Q) After 25 years, Netflix announced it will end what portion of their business that they were founded on this coming September?

R) As Germany shuts down its remaining nuclear power plants, what other European nation announced the start up of the largest nuclear reactor last week?

S) April 19th, 1995 what major terrorist attack took place in the US?

T) In 1969 – one year before the first Earth Day – what river caught fire thus illustrating our environmental problems?

Cash-strapped Fox Forced to Sell Kevin McCarthy. – Andy Borowitz


A) The crash moments after liftoff of its Starship rocket Thursday.

B) He is the young black man who was shot in the head when he knocked at the wrong door when trying to pick up his brothers from a friend’s house.

C) DeSantis threatened to build a state prison adjacent to Disney World

D) The National Restaurant Association and Hy-Vee

E) Dominion Voting

F) 420.87 ppm

G) Proved that the data Lindell claimed proved a stolen election did not do that.

H) Chief Justice Roberts

I)They decided to count their decision to Friday

J) The young men on trial both announced they would plead guilty

K) $787.5 Million

L) Smartmatic

M) He has never been in a classroom/

N) Russia. 

O) “Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

P) Sexual abuse

Q) Mailing DVDs to customers.

R) Finland

S) the Oklahoma City bombing

T) The Cuyahoga River in Ohio

Ron Desantis likes to play the tough guy. Funny, considering he’s getting his ass kicked…by a mouse. – Jack Hopkins tweet

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  1. A.D. says:

    It’s understandable that the huge issue of climate change is sucking most of the oxygen out of the environment room. But that doesn’t mean other environmental problems have gone away. In Iowa, there are plenty of others that are also being ignored.


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