KCCI Interview Exposes Reynolds’ Deeply Flawed Voucher Plan

Screenshot of Gov. Reynolds being asked a question by KCCI reporter Amanda Rooker

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ voucher scam is being voted on today in the Iowa House and although there is talk that it may not pass, it seems likely that it is a done deal. Still,  kudos to KCCI chief political reporter Amanda Rooker for asking tough questions and getting in follow up questions, politely not letting Reynolds off the hook.

As practiced as Reynolds is in the art of word salad, she stumbled badly at least twice due to skillful questioning from Rooker. There were a couple of very embarrassing pauses, one in which Reynolds visibly stammered and faltered before she got a reply out.  If you were a Reynolds supporter you would have cringed. Rooker got Reynolds to admit on camera (1) she doesn’t know the cost of her plan; (2) there will be an outside entity administering the plan –  and she doesn’t know what company that will be; (3) the legislators will not know the full cost of her plan before having to vote on it; and (4) private schools will not be held to the same standards as public schools.

When Rooker asked her about private schools having the ability to reject any kid for any reason, Reynolds said, “They’ll sit down with the superintendents of the private schools and they’ll have those conversations.” This and more make it an excellent interview that exposes Reynolds’ lack of character, lack of knowledge and in any other world but right wing Trump world, her unsuitability for the job of governor.

I hope you watch and share, even if the terrible voucher plan is a done deal, which at this writing is still not known. Reynolds avoids the press like the plague (preferring to reach her right wing base via Fox) and this interview provides a rare glimpse at how she performs when not at the Iowa State Fair or on the campaign trail or in friendly interviews with the Iowa Press panel.

I still didn’t get my question asked, that being how can she complain about Iowa’s “failed” public schools when Republicans have had a trifecta in state government since 2017 and Republican lack of support over the last decade could be said to be responsible for whatever condition they are in. But despite that frustration, I will say Amanda Rooker did an outstanding job asking  questions  that needed to be asked and to borrow a tired cliche, holding Reynolds’ feet to the fire.  Iowa needs more reporters that are willing to go to bat for the public good.

See links below the video if you would like to take action on on the voucher scam.

Take Action To Stop Vouchers

From Iowa House Democrats:

As of right now, we still do not know if there are enough votes to pass the bill. With all Democrats opposed, there are still many GOP lawmakers on the fence about the bill. It’s no surprise that Reynolds is twisting arms and threatening to primary anyone who doesn’t agree with her voucher bill again this year. For the Governor, this isn’t about kids, it’s about political power.

To counter that, we need more Iowans who live in Republican districts to contact their state lawmakers by 1 pm on Monday.

Here’s what we need you to do:

If your state lawmakers are Republicans, contact them again by email, phone, or come to the Statehouse to try and talk with them in person before 1 pm. It’s likely both parties will be in meetings preparing for debate most of the afternoon. Find the contact info for your lawmakers here. Please be respectful. The folks we need to vote no won’t respond if we just make this a partisan fight. This isn’t about party. This bill is simply bad for Iowa kids.

If your state lawmakers are Democrats, look through your contacts and text your family members, friends, or co-workers who live in GOP districts and ask them to contact their legislators and say vote NO on vouchers. Most people don’t know who their legislators are, so look it up for them and provide the contact information they need to reach their own lawmaker. Find lawmakers here.

Sign our petition: No Vouchers in Iowa and then share it with your friends & family. If you’ve already signed it, please just share it again so more Iowans see what’s happening and take action. The more Iowans learn about it, the less they like it.

If you plan to come to the State Capitol Monday, please know that debate won’t likely start until at least 4 pm. We’ll do our best to keep apprised of any changes to the schedule as the day unfolds.

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  1. JoAnn Hardy says:

    I am most shocked at Republican legislators who represent rural areas who are willing to vote against the best interests of the small schools and small towns in their districts. Sad.


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