Sunday Funday: Lughnasadh Edition

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About once a year I do a post on the pagan wheel of the year, usually at this time of year. As summer moves past it’s midway point it feels like there is a reawakening to move on to the activities that will get us through the winter. Lughnasadh is the time of early harvest:    

Lughnasadh marks the midpoint between summer and fall, and is the first harvest festival of the year. It’s a time for harvesting grains, giving thanks for the growth that has happened, and to enjoy the warmth and light that is still to come. For Wiccans, Lughnasadh is marks when the god’s power begins to decline. And, for some pagans, it’s the time when the Celtic Sun God Lugh transfers his power to the grain. When the grain is harvested and baked into bread, his cycle of life is complete.

The year seems to break more properly into the eight divisions that the pagan world celebrates. Now is the time of return to school, early harvest and other preparations.

On another note, I was saddened to hear of the death of Bill Russell. Russell was a hero to a young me, not because of his basketball skills which were truly unique, but because he was the ultimate team player both on the court and where it really counted: in life. Russell left it all on the line working for civil rights. So happy President Obama awarded him with a well deserved Medal of Freedom.

Stay tuned and I will Alex you some questions.

A) Get my little pun there? What was the name of the Alex Jones internet page that he used to disparage Sandy Hook parents?

B) Bill Russell had a lot of records that will never be broken. One for sure is that he was the first black head coach in what?

C) Get ready for fried Oreos! The Iowa State Fair starts when?

D) Another chapter in the Brittney Griner story ended this week as the basketball star was sentenced to how long in jail in Russia for her supposed crime?

E) Tuesday was a big primary day. The biggest story of the day came from what state where an amendment that made abortion a right was not changed?

F) Some questions from the Alex Jones trial. Jones’ daily income was pegged at about how much during the trial?

G) Perhaps the biggest story of the trial was Jones’ attorney’s release of the contents of Jones’ what to the opposition attorney?

H) What Republican candidate for governor in Arizona claimed the election Tuesday was rigged, but has dropped that line after she won?

I) Another major luminary in the sports world died this week as what longtime Dodgers broadcaster died at age 94?

J) Falling gas prices suddenly had pundits claiming this could be a sign of a looming what?

K) A truly unexpected strong jobs numbers report for July saw how many jobs created nationally?

L) There are still some jobs in the teaching area. Des Moines made news when they offered a bonus of how much for one year if retiring teachers would hang on for another year?

M) Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin who is up for reelection this fall proposed that what two programs for the elderly become discretionary programs that are voted on every year?

N) At the end of last week a huge mega millions lottery ticket was bought in what state?

O) After a loud public outcry against Republican opposition to it, a bill to vastly increase funding for what group of people passed overwhelmingly in the Senate this week?

P) A trip by what House leader to Taiwan caused what country to do some saber rattling?

Q) To begin the week, President Biden announced the death of what top Al Quieda operative?

R) In Utah, a wildfire was started by a man who was trying to light what on fire with his lighter?

S) Stephen King took the stand in a what kind of lawsuit brought by the Justice Department to stop a merger of book publishers?

T) What communicable disease was declared a health emergency in the US as more than 6,600 case have been confirmed?

For too long, big, super-wealthy corporations haven’t paid their fair share in taxes.

We’re going to change that with Inflation Reduction Act. – President Biden tweet


A) InfoWars

B) Professional sports in the US. As a head coach he had the advantage of having Bill Russell as a player

C) August 11 – next Thursday

D) 9 years. Stay tuned

E) Kansas

F) $800,000 a day

G) cell phone – there was 2 years of data released.

H) Kari Lake. She will start again soon

I) Vin Scully

J) recession – whatever they will blame it on Biden

K) 528,000 – Jobs lost in the pandemic have now been refilled

L) $50,000

M) Social Security and Medicare

N) Illinois

O) Military veterans

P) Nancy Pelosi

Q) Ayman Al Zawahiri (hope I spelled that right)

R) a spider

S) an anti-trust suit. We seldom hear of these anymore

T) Monkey Pox

Kansas Republicans Face Dark Future in State Where Women Have Rights. – Andy Borowitz

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