Sailing Into the Future;  Remember Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

Abolish Nuclear Weapons


For Immediate Release 

From:  Ed Flaherty, Secretary, Veterans For Peace #161

When:  Tuesday, August 9.  6:30-8PM

Where:  Old Brick lower level, 26 E. Market St. Iowa City

Further Information: Contact Ed Flaherty   319 621-6766.

The Golden Rule

 Sailing Into the Future;  Remember Hiroshima & Nagasaki.  Abolish Nuclear Weapons

  In 1958, four Quakers sailed their boat, the Golden Rule, from California, bound for the Marshall Islands.  Their purpose was to insert themselves into the nuclear bombing the US was doing there.  They didn’t make it.  They were arrested in Hawaii, the boat was sold.  In 2010, the battered Golden Rule was found in a salvage yard.  Peace activists recognized its significance, and the boat was restored.

 A video  about the sailboat, the Golden Rule, will be shown on August 9th, accompanied by a presentation on the historic and very present dangers of nuclear war by Dr. Maureen McCue, president of Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility.   She will commemorate  the deaths  of 70,000 people in Nagasaki on  Aug 9, 1945.   John Jadryev, President of Veterans For Peace #161, will describe the upcoming sailing of the Golden Rule down the Mississippi River this October, with educational events in many Iowa Mississippi River cities.    Sponsored by Veterans For Peace #161, Johnson County  United Nations Association, PEACE Iowa and Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility.

 Admission is FREE.  Donations  to support the work and journey of the Golden Rule will be accepted.



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