A Good Reason To Vote Grassley Out

Chuckles sent this tweet Friday afternoon:

Tweet text: 





Each Dec Schumer puts out schedule for Senate I set Grassley family reunion based on schedule. For 2nd yr in row I won’t be at reunion I’m in DC to fight Dems irresponsible tax&spend bill. Need a Republican majority to hv schedule we can count on & A RESPONSIBLE FISCAL AGENDA 

10:58 AM · Aug 5, 2022 

Well, Chuck, if work is getting in the way of more important things, maybe it is time to reassess your priorities.

There is lots of Iowans who would like to help you in this quest. 

So I am appealing to my fellow Iowans to help Chuck out. He needs to be with his family. He needs to get his priorities straight. Besides, he is not doing a whole lot for Iowa. So let’s send someone who wants to do the work – Mike Franken!

And Chuck can go back to:

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