Sunday Funday: Roe v. Wade Won’t Go Away Edition

For those in the now Trumpinista party who think that if they and their media lackeys simply ignore the upcoming SCOTUS decision that the effects on their election chances will not be effected. Millions of women around the country stood up and said “Hell, No, We won’t forget!” 

Methinks the radical right stuck their hand in a hornets nest full of really mad hornets. Well, as James Carville always says “When your opponent is drowning, throw them an anchor!”

Another interesting week.

A) Near Palm Beach, Florida as an airplane pilot fell unconscious and the plane was landed by a passenger with no experience guided by whom?

B) Instant karma going to get you. Karma came calling in South Carolina where Joseph McKinnon died while doing what?

C) In a real surprise the January 6th Committee subpoenaed five members of what group?

D) Rallies across Iowa and the country took place yesterday protesting what upcoming SCOTUS decision?

E) What really, really rare type of storm for Iowa hit Northwest Iowa Thursday night?

F) Elon Musk started the week by saying he would lift the ban on what individual when he takes over Twitter?

G) By the end of the week, Musk seemed to be looking for an escape clause, pausing his upcoming purchase of  Twitter over what issue?

H) According to an analysis by Brown University , approximately what percentage of adults could have been saved from death had 100% of adults been vaccinated?

I) As the Republican Party internal war rages, Governor Kemp in Georgia picked up what endorsement in defiance of Trump’s endorsements there?

J) WNBA star Brittney Griner’s detention in what country has been extended by a month?

K) Maine senator Susan Collins called police after protestors in front of her house did what?

L) Protestors at Justice Alito’s home were treated to wine and cheese by whom?

M) What Scandinavian country will reverse a long standing policy and apply for NATO membership this weekend?

N) The governor of what state defended policy that would force impregnated incest victims to carry their baby to term?

O) Scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration made huge news with a picture of what Thursday?

P) The nationwide manhunt for an Alabama escaped killer Casey White and his prison guard helper Vicky White ended Monday night in what city?

Q) Russia’s ambassador to Poland was attacked with what as he attended a Victory Day (or VE Day) ceremony in Warsaw?

R) In Nebraska, Republican governor candidate Charles Herbster, despite 8 allegations of sexual misconduct, still got what percentage of the vote?

S) The former president in an early meeting asked if China had a weapon that caused what?

T) The shortage of what food product is so critical that the Biden Administration will be working to alleviate the shortage?

For Republicans, the question is never, “Who is responsible?” The question is, “Who snitched?” – Middle Age Riot


A) The air traffic controller at the Palm Beach airport

B) burying his girlfriend whom he had just killed by strangulation

C) The US House of Representatives 

D) The overturning of Roe v. Wade

E) a haboob. This is a high wind blackout sandstorm (or dirt) that usually happen in desserts

 F) Trump

G) The percentage of fake or robot accounts on the website.

H) nearly 50%  (319,000 of 641,000) 

I) Mike Pence – that should get Kemp half a dozen votes

J) Russia

K) drew a message on her sidewalk with chalk.

L) His neighbors. Apparently Alito is not liked by his neighbors

M) Finland

N) Mississippi – Tate Reeves. (Kind hearkens back to a precious era in Mississippi)

O) the black hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way

P) Evansville, Indiana

Q) Red paint

R) 30% – he only lost by 3%

S) He asked over and over if China had a “hurricane gun” that could create large man-made hurricanes.

T) Baby food. If they can do what they did for covid vaccines, the shortage should be cleared up quickly.

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  1. A.D. says:

    The media haboob coverage that I have seen failed to point out that a sandstorm (or, more accurately, a soil storm) in Iowa is not a natural phenomenon. It’s scary evidence of the consequences of our bad farming.

    The Iowa public seems amazingly indifferent to what is happening to our soil and water, given what is at stake. To paraphrase something I read long ago, if you forget the environment whenever you go into the voting booth, it won’t do much good to remember it again after you come out.

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