Sunday Funday: Olympics Edition

Ow! (50 seconds)

One thing I have enjoyed seeing during the little bit of Olympics I have watched is that when NBC does a look in on the families of American athletes, we have athletes from all sorts of backgrounds. That sure says America to me more than anything. I still believe we are a melting pot. No matter the background. Except for those who want to overthrow the government through violence   

And the world goes on:

A) “Legitimate political discourse” is how the Republican National Committee is officially describing what event?

B) Top secret government documents were found at what private residence this week?

C) It is still Black History month. Quick, who are the current Black members of the US Senate?

D) The Ambassador Bridge is currently in the news. Where is the Ambassador Bridge located?

E) Marjorie Taylor Greene is once again the object of derision as she stated that Speaker Pelosi commanded what kind of a police force?

F) In West Virginia, a walk out was staged by students at Huntington High School when students were forced to attend what kind of meeting?

G) In what could be a small sign of sensibility, what bill that would pry into Iowa’s classrooms seems to have stalled in the Iowa House?

H) Republican senators (including Grassley) are having concerns about a bill that would ban what for members of congress?

I) In Australia what animal considered the face of the country, has officially been put on the endangered species list?

J) In 1950, what African-American UN diplomat received a Nobel Prize for his work on peacekeeping in the Middle East?

K) In a major loss for voting rights the SCOTUS reversed a lower court decision and allowed a highly gerrymandered district map to be used in what state?

L) The spouse of what senior administration official was evacuated from a DC high school due to a security threat ?

M) The mayor of Hudson, Ohio claimed that allowing ice shanties in his town would lead to what other, less desirable, situation?

N) What role did Fritz Pollard play in the history of the NFL?

O) In a campaign video that is sparking much publicity, Louisiana US senate candidate Gary Chambers burns what object?

P) A nun in Torrance, California has been sentenced to one year and one day in jail for what crime against a school where she was a former principal?

Q) What world leader met with Putin in Moscow Monday as Putin continues to make war noises against Ukraine?

R) What Netflix movie received the most Oscar nominations with 12?

S) Citizens of Rotterdam, Netherlands are planning a rotten egg reception for the super yacht of what multi-billionaire should the city dismantle a bridge to allow the yacht to be able to sail from the shipbuilder?

T) Who was the first African American woman elected to the US senate?

Breaking: Mike Pence declares that the sky is in fact blue; pundits hail him for his bravery. – John Fugelsang


A) The attempted coup on January 6, 2021

B) Mar-a-lago – this is a major crime, folks

C) Tim Scott of SC, Ralph Warnock of Georgia, Corey Booker of New Jersey

D) it is the international bridge between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario.

E) Gazpacho

F) A Christian revival been held inside the school

G) the ‘camera in the classroom bill.’

H) trading in individual stocks

I) The Koala

J) Ralph Bunche

K) Alabama

L) VP Harris’s husband Doug Emhoff

M) Prostitution (I will not explain his logic)

N) Pollard was the first black NFL coach

O) a confederate flag

P) stealing $830,000. She used it for Vegas and Reno vacations

Q) Macron

R) “Power of the Dog”

S) Jeff Bezos

T) Carol Mosley Braun of Illinois

Teacher Fired For Breaking State’s Critical Race Theory Laws After Telling Students She’s Black. – The Onion

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