Zach Wahls On Message On Iowa Press

Enjoy watching Iowa Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls  drive home the Democratic message on this episode of Iowa Press.

This week, other than Erin Murphy seeming inordinately concerned with some alleged unnamed parents who supposedly “are still upset” because they “didn’t get the results they were hoping for” over a book issue, the Iowa press crew didn’t seem overtly hostile.  Murphy’s question was clearly pandering to the Republicans though, and when he didn’t get the results he was looking for from Wahls he doubled-down on it asking a rare follow up question, the kind they reserve for Democrats.

“Circling back around” Murphy wanted to know what Zach would say to those parents who were told by their school board and teachers that the books the parents didn’t like were deemed to have educational value. Well, I know what I would say but Senator Wahls was much more diplomatic and deftly jumped on the opportunity of a really bad question to talk about the Democrats’ excellent policy ideas and contrast them with the Republicans’ terrible, anti-democratic ideas.

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1 Response to Zach Wahls On Message On Iowa Press

  1. cedric robinson says:

    local press (papers, ipr, iowapbs) regularly fail to put iowa legislation/governance into the broader political context but dems buying into the rightwingnut scheme of promoting “parents” rights is an all too familiar disaster in the making, not far behind the continued insistence on Iowa keeping its white privileged first place in presidential elections instead of supporting a more representative state going first, and the continued support for dirty ethanol (see latest psnas news study) , shame on Wahls and company…


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