Sunday Funday: Going Full Dictator Edition

While it came as yet another shocking revelation that the previous administration was using their Justice Department to spy on American citizens they considered to be enemies to the President, I doubt few were really surprised. Considering all the other corruption inside the Trump Administration, this would fit right in line.

A thorough investigation must be held. Initial reports indicate that the Admin spied on Democrats especially Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell. However, most of us have been fairly certain that the way Republican lesser lights such as Lyndsey Gram, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins and many more have pledged fealty to the wannabe Dictator Trump that some real dirt use have been gathered on these pathetic politicians. 

What better tool to use than the FBI to make the rebellious troops settle down? 

Since I will be away next week, we will include some Father’s Day questions and some Flag Day questions for tomorrow.

A) President Biden is on the first foreign trip of his presidency. What major meeting did he attend Thursday in Cornwall, England?

B) A declaration by what US Senator last week that he would not vote to kill the filibuster has thrown Democratic plans up in the air?

C) In Iowa, what state leader loudly decried a judge’s decision that pork processing line speeds must slow for safety purposes?

D) A charter plane carrying White House reporters was delayed in Washington DC due to what freak situation?

E) The former president gave a speech in North Carolina last weekend. What brought the most commentary was not what he said, but what instead?

F) While Father’s Day has been around in the US since 1910, when was the third Sunday in June officially made the permanent observance of Father’s Day?

G) Non-scientist US Representative Louie Gohmert astounded a bureaucrat when he asked if what could be done to counteract climate change?

H) Tomorrow is Flag Day. The number 13 is prominent in the original flag. Why?

I) Two strange rumors concerning the corona virus vaccinations are making the rounds right now. One is that it turns your skin color. The other says your body becomes what?

J) During his trip to Europe, President Biden promised how many vaccines to poor countries?

K) What nationally recognized Florida Democratic Representative announced her candidacy to oppose Marco Rubio for senator?

L) President Biden surprised graduates of what Florida high school which suffered a mass shooting a few years back, with a video address Tuesday?

M) June 17, 1972. Five men were arrested for a burglary of the National Democratic Headquarters in what building complex in Washington, DC? 

N) Three FDA advisors resigned Thursday following the FDA’s approval of a drug for what disease?

O) George Washington, Father of our country, was the father of how many children?

P) What happened to infrastructure negotiations between President Biden and Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia?

Q) “Little Sister” is a small replication of what statue to be donated by France to the United States over the July 4th weekend?

R) VP Kamala Harris visited what countries last week?

S) A long siege of protests, legal wrangling and presidential declarations came to an end Wednesday  when TC Energy announced the end of attempting to build what pipeline?

T) What state was the 50th star on the US flag?

The Koch brothers still own a lot of real estate, but their best investment may be the Manchin they bought in West Virginia. – Noel Casler


A) The G7 conference

B) Joe Manchin of West Virginia

C) Chuck Grassley. Never said a word about worker injuries

D) Cicadas that got into the planes wiring

E) After the speech, it appeared he had wet his pants during the speech

F) 1972

G) could we change the orbit of the moon around the earth?

H) The original US had 13 states

I) Magnetic. Metal objects will stick to your skin.

J) 500,000,000

K) Val Demmings

L) Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida

M) Watergate

N) Alzheimer’s

O) 0

P) They ended because Republicans basically refused to move

Q) The Statue of Liberty

R) Mexico and Guatamala

S) The Keystone Pipeline

T) Hawaii

“Welcome to Revisionist Southern History. In this class, we’ll be learning that the Civil War began when the North seceded from the Confederacy, the Union Army consisted entirely of homosexual vampires, and slaves were so happy, they invented smiling.” – Middle Age Riot

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