Random Thoughts On A Hot Summer’s Day

Let’s start out with a couple of positive thoughts:

First – Joe Biden is doing a hell of a job. He has been a progressive’s dream so far as president, he has aggressively led the country’s response to the corona virus very successfully and he is now representing the US at the highest level in his trip to Europe and the G7 and he is about to go face-to-face with Putin. You can bet he won’t kiss Putin’s ass like Trump did.


VP Kamala Harris has also been superior in her work on immigration. She also has voting rights on her portfolio. Between the two she and Biden are hitting all the most important issues hard. Nice to see a working president again, ain’t it?


What can you say about Louie Gohmert? His question to Jennifer Eberlien, associate deputy chief of the National Forest Service, is in the running for the dumbest thing ever said by a politician ever. How Ms. Eberline did not break into hysterics is beyond me. You watch and try to keep from laughing. (1 minute)


Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post did some very fine reporting on the huge amount of injuries at Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. Also reported last week that Jeff Bezos pays little taxes despite being the richest man ever, EVER! Plus in recent years he has even gotten tax credits for his kids. I am think he is a walking billboard for a wealth tax. Oh and he will soon be riding a Jeff Bezos rocket into outer space……..


The Women’s college World Series this week was one of the most fun and exciting sporting events I have seen in a long while. I was once a huge sports fan, but became very jaded by multi-millionaires putting in half-assed performances for multi-billionaire owners whose main objective seems to be to bilk the citizens for every nickel they can squeeze out of the taxpayer.

The young women who played in the tourney games gave it their all. The series included David and Goliath stories and several instances of teams coming back from the brink to win. Oh, yeah, they also featured TEAMS not a bunch of individuals. So refreshing to see sports in that light once again.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners on their victory. They came back after losing the first game in a double elimination format.


At the risk of jinxing the YouTube gods I will attempt to add the story of the whackos who believe that the Covid-19 vaccinations make a person magnetic. It is hard to decide whether these women or Louie Gohmert win the Dodo of the week award: (3 minutes)


Once again Chuck Grassley let workers know how little he cares about them. In denouncing a decision that will slow line speeds at pork processing plants back to 1,106 animals per hour. That is over 18 per minute. one every 3.3 seconds. And that is considered too slow.

Injuries are rampant in the meat packing industry and the faster the lines go, the higher and worse the injuries. Grassley cares not one bit about that. No calculations by the senator on the cost to workers. Just in case you didn’t know where workers stood in the Grassley hierarchy.

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts On A Hot Summer’s Day

  1. A.D. says:

    To me, Louie Gohmert was neither dumb nor funny. He was very clearly signaling to his whackadoodle voter base that orbits, not humans, are responsible for climate change, and that therefore anything Biden and the Forest Service want to do about climate change is misguided, futile, and wrong.

    I just checked the Internet. Sure enough, below is a quote from a WASHINGTON POST story that had a headline that went something like “Gohmert’s orbit question was dumb, but not for the reason you think.”

    “He wasn’t asking a dumb question. He was trying to suggest that it was the Bureau of Land Management or the Forest Service that was being dumb by thinking they could affect climate change in some way short of figuring out how to shift the moon around in the sky.”

    I’m willing to give Gohmert credit for actually knowing better, and therefore I classify his question not as dumb, but as calculated and evil. I know we’re not supposed to use the E-word about people who state opinions we don’t agree with, and I veryrarely do. But in the case of someone deliberately spreading a gigantic lie that will reach millions in order to try to prevent even the hope of progress on climate change, which is moving more quickly than some scientists envisioned even in their nightmares, and which threatens the entire planet, I’m willing to make an exception. Evil.


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