Sunday Funday: More Voter Suppression Edition

Guess who’s stepping up to the plate with a sedition edition? (3:45)

Well it looks like high on the list for Iowa’s Republican legislators to fix? Yep, you got it. Iowa needs more voter suppression! Democrats still have a fighting chance in this state and you can bet that needs to be stopped in its tracks! The Republican sure fire way of winning elections is to stop voting — – by their opponents. Proven over decades.

Did anything happen last week besides yet another week of the big orange clown trying to ruin our country? Let’s see!

  1. Hey, 1776 got a big kick start when what pamphlet by Thomas Paine became one of biggest selling and most widely circulated books up to that time was first published on this date in 1776?
  1. The NCAA decided to hold the men’s basketball tournament entirely within what state last week?
  1. Direct-to-farm government payments in 2020 accounted for what percentage of farm income in 2020?
  1. Despite the attack on the Capitol Wednesday, Dear Leader carried out his duties Thursday by awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to three what?
  1. What two cabinet members who have been around since day one bailed out and resigned Thursday?
  1. National unemployment numbers took jump in which direction as the nation prepared for a new administration?
  1. Why was the huge mob in Washington, DC Wednesday?
  1. And the new Attorney General of the US is who?
  1. The new richest person in the world is who? (As of Wednesday)
  1. Which of Iowa’s congressional delegation voted to object to the electoral college vote when the vote was finally taken Thursday morning?
  1. Soon to be Senator Raphael Warnock is currently the pastor of what historically significant church?
  1. Dear Leader has signaled intent to give Presidential Medals of Freedom to what two major supporters in the US House?
  1. Last week started out with the release of a telephone call between Georgia’s Secretary of State and what other elected official concerning changing vote totals in Georgia?
  1. Covid-19 has created a shortage of what medical supply at various parts of the country, but especially Los Angeles?
  1. Speaking of Covid-19, what ignominious milestone did Iowa surpass this week?
  1. The anticipation of a Democratically led congress Wednesday led to a run up in the stock of what product sector?
  1. At age 33, Jon Ossoff becomes the youngest US senator since who became a senator at age 30?
  1. Which country announced new lockdowns due to Covid-19 spread?
  1. Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani urged the mob at the US Capitol Wednesday to settle the presidential election via “Trial by “ what?
  1. The spouse of what Georgia Senate candidate could not attend the post election party and instead worked the overnight shift at Emory University hospital?

In 1873, Jefferson Davis told a reporter that Southerners had been “cheated, not conquered.” – Michael Beschloss

When Democrats lost in 2016, they knitted pink hats and donated to Planned Parenthood. – Kaili Joy Gray

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  1. “Common Sense”
  1. Indiana – I believe the women’s tournament may be held in San Antonio. (Not totally sure about that)
  1. 40%
  1. Golfers (Gary Player, Annika Sorenstam and the late Babe Didrickson Zaharias)
  1. Elaine Chou at Transportation (Mrs. Mitch McConnell) and Betsy DeVos at Education)
  1. Unemployment went up adding to the large pile of crap Dear Leader is leaving behind.
  1. To interrupt that official acceptance of the electoral vote by congress
  1. Merrick Garland
  1. Elon Musk – $183 Billion to Jeff Bezos at $182 Billion. Musk’s wealth a year ago was $27 Billion
  1. None – all voted to accept the electoral college vote
  1. Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where Dr. Martin Luther King pastored.
  1. Devin Nunes from California and Jim Jordon of Ohio.
  1. Dear Leader was trying to get election results changed. This by itself should be an impeachable or removable offense.
  1. Oxygen
  1. 4,000 deaths. We are fast approaching having 10% of our citizens having been infected.
  1. Cannibas
  1. Joe Biden of Delaware in 1973.
  1. The United Kingdom
  1. Combat
  1. Jon Ossoff. His wife Alisha Kramer was working the overnight shift as an OB-GYN doctor that night.

Attention, folks. We have changes to your starting lineup:

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