Sunday Funday: Fall Edition

Randy Rainbow is doing a fundraiser for the ACLU with this video. Go to the YouTube website to contribute:

Nothing makes me happier than fall. This is shaping up to be a great fall. I have never seen polling numbers fall the way they are for Great Leader. They are falling like a freaking rock off a cliff. As he falls, the chances of those who have tied their stars to the Great Leader are falling like a rock, too. Way to go, Joni Ernst! Sticking with the worst president ever was a strategic decision.

Oh – the trees seem particularly lovely this year also.

Twenty some days and Dear Leader will officially be voted out. Then we need to keep things locked down so the country can’t be destroyed during the lame duck period. Then we can start the long recovery from our trip to hell. 

  1. Last Spring Dear Leader tweeted “Liberate — “ what state where a rogue militia attempted to kidnap and possibly kill the governor last week?
  1. Hacking his way through an interview on Hannity’s program, what personal lawyer to Dear Leader continues to claim he has not tested positive for corona virus?
  1. What unexpected guest stole the show at the Vice Presidential debate Wednesday night?
  1. Defying doctors and putting the lives of his guards at risk, Dear Leader left Walter Reed Hospital Sunday night to do what?
  1. Hurricane Delta came ashore Friday night in Louisiana nearly following the exact path of what hurricane that hi just a month ago?
  1. Based on current rates of infections the coronavirus is hitting what area of the country hardest right now?
  1. The major coronavirus breakout at the White House still appears to be linked to a Rose Garden party 2 weeks ago to introduce what SCOTUS nominee?
  1. Andrea Ghez split a Nobel Prize in physics making her the 4th woman to win a Nobel in physics. Who was the first woman to win in physics?
  1. For her part of the prize, what did Ghez discover?
  1. “Intexticated” is the new word coined to describe what driving condition in Iowa?
  1. The families of Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King, Jr. excoriated which presidential campaign for using images of these civil rights icons?
  1. Dear Leader said ‘Yes’ then ’No’ then ‘Yes’ then ’No’ to what issue last week?
  1. October 11, 1939. Albert Einstein warns FDR that his theories could lead to what potent weapon?
  1. SCOTUS Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito let it be known that they would like to see a challenge to the decision that allowed what group of people to marry?
  1. What member of the Trump family gave a video taped deposition on family finances in New York last Monday?
  1. Mark and Patricia McCloskey were indicted by a Grand Jury in what city for brandishing guns at peaceful protestors?
  1. The New England Journal of Medicine broke a 208 year tradition to write an editorial condemning what?  
  1. Jennifer Doudna shared a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work in helping to develop what gene editing tool?
  1. Facebook announced last week that it will ban all groups affiliated with what conspiracy theory?
  1. Biden and Harris visited what western state long considered a Republican stronghold last week?

Once again.  The Covid “cure” Trump’s been touting was developed with fetal tissues obtained by abortions. So, let’s be clear…he’s pro HIS life only. – Bette Midler


  1. Michigan
  1. Giuliani {cough cough}
  1. A fly that sat on Pence’s head for 2 minutes – one commentor said “Mother” Pence was mad because women were looking at her husband’s fly.
  1. Be driven around the block to wave at his ‘fans.’
  1. Laura
  1. Upper midwest – specifically Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and North and South Dakota
  1. Amy Coney Barret
  1. Madame Curie
  1. She helped discover the black hole at the center of our (Milky Way) galaxy
  1. Driving while texting
  1. Dear Leader of course
  1. A coronavirus relief package. I believe McConnell finally killed it.
  1. An Atomic Bomb
  1. Gays
  1. Eric Trump
  1. St. Louis
  1. The current state pf political leadership in America
  1. QAnon
  1. Arizona – looks like nearly every state is in play but Utah.

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  1. A.D. says:

    I agree that the odds of sending Trump back to the private sector look promising. We all still really need to vote, however. Vote and vote early! Don’t assume it’s not necessary. Remember that besides dumping Trump, we need to dump Joni, send good people to Congress, and flip the Iowa House. Encourage and/or help other people to vote. If you were among the stunned appalled traumatized people after Election Day four years ago, remember that feeling (not that we’ve ever had a chance to forget it), and let’s all do what we can to give ourselves reasons to celebrate this time around.


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