An Unusual Senate Candidate In Western Iowa

C.J. Peterson of Breda in Iowa Senate District 6 breaks the mold.

One thing about the Democratic Party in recent years, our candidates are more and more reflecting the diversity of the nation as a whole. As we do that our solutions to the problems of the average American become better fitted to the problems they are meant to solve.

Following the corona virus pandemic, whenever it ends, Iowa will be faced with some really tough problems to be attended to as we try to put our lives back together. That is one major reason why voting for Republicans and their one-size-fits-all solution to everything – tax cuts for the rich – simply won’t do.

When it comes to diversity of candidates C. J. Peterson of Breda running for the Iowa Senate in district 6 in West central Iowa definitely fits that description. Gay with a history of overcoming alcoholism. Peterson is the kind of person who can get things done. As you can tell from the video above using his neighbors is his best tool for the job.

Let’s let C. J. tell you himself:  


“C.J. Petersen was born and raised in western Iowa, where he experienced firsthand the benefits of a quality early childhood education in Denison and later graduated from Atlantic High School. C.J. has spent the last ten years working with the public in sales, solving problems and earning the trust of his clientele.

Since 2018, C.J. and his fiancé and lifelong Carroll County resident, Luke Schulte, lived in Breda. They recently purchased their first home in Templeton. The happy couple never miss a chance to enjoy a home-cooked dinner together. They share their home with their beloved Boston Terrier, Pumbaa, and two rescue cats, Lucky and Lieutenant Dan.

A man of faith, C.J. is an active congregant of Trinity Episcopal Church in Denison where he regularly serves as a worship leader. He is also a member of the Bishop Search & Nominating Committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa.

In what spare time he can find, C.J. is an avid reader. He attributes his love of books and learning to his grandparents, Soren and Judith Petersen, who owned and operated the Atlantic Bookbinding Company for nearly fifty years. C.J. is fluent in American Sign Language and speaks un poco de español.


C.J. will be the first to tell you this isn’t just any campaign. It’s a conversation about our communities.

The people of the Sixth District care about our neighbors, and we know our communities are strongest when we work together. Those are the values we need to send to Des Moines. State and national politics have become so divisive, it feels like our representatives forgot how to have a conversation with each other. Instead, we’re stuck in a stalemate, and it’s no wonder so many of us just want to tune out the noise. 

But the government’s inaction on policies affects each of our lives on a daily basis. That’s why C.J. believes it’s time we tune in and come together to get things done. He wants to hear from you, and when he gets to Des Moines, he won’t only reach across the aisle but move beyond the partisan gridlock altogether to pass common-sense and common-ground legislation to improve the lives of all Iowans. Read more about that here!

Peterson looks like the kind of leader rural and small town Iowa will need when crucial decisions will be made for the future.

Get that early ballot and fill in the oval for C.J. Peterson for Iowa Sate Senate!

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