Stuart Stevens: It Was All A Lie

Republican strategist Stuart Stevens has written a new book  “It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump.” In the following interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff, Stuart discusses what the Republican Party has become under Trump. 8 minutes:

We have witnessed Republicans at all levels cowardly refuse to stand up against the out of control president for fear that Trump would tweet bad things against him. Perhaps one of the saddest cases has been Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina. Whereas Graham once acted as if he might buck Trump, a couple of tweets and Graham is a lapdog for Trump. As Graham runs for re-election, he looks like a most pathetic shell of a person running a ridiculous show trial in the senate to make Trump happy.  

While Stevens speaks at a national level, right here in Iowa we have Republicans who kiss the Trump ring rather than stand up to Trump’s illegality and immorality. Joni Ernst is the biggest example. She has made herself into a most pathetic public figure who is much more concerned about a bad tweet from Trump than what is good for her state. 

We have noticed that (from my observation) that the current crop of Republican congressional candidates in Iowa have been reluctant to invoke the name of “Trump.” While they may be trying to fool us that they do not support Trump you can bet they endorse the same old losing ideas such as privatized health care, reversing environmental rules and voter suppression. These are all ideas that are mainstream in the Trumpublican Party of today.

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2 Responses to Stuart Stevens: It Was All A Lie

  1. C.A. says:

    I agree that Joni Ernst has demonstrated the most impressive levels of Trump-ring-kissing. May she pay the political price in November.

    Credit should also be given, however, to Kim Reynolds, whose covid policies are easier to understand if they are viewed partly as evidence of her deep admiration for the POTUS. Ignoring science, ignoring expertise, ignoring the pleas of local governments, insistence that the solution is to cross fingers, sit back, and trust that people will do the right thing…’s all there. And judging from her weird letter in the 8/7/20 REGISTER, Kim Reynolds will not change her mind.

    My family has several risk factors, so life would be challenging enough even if our governor didn’t seem to be on Trump’s side. Not ours.


  2. Jon Lebar says:

    hey, thats it were on our own! republican party will rebound family values & financial responsibility has a place in America but not with these traitorous trumpets, they sold out! placed selfs above republic!


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