Biden address on the economy. (31.5 minutes)

As you listen to Joe Biden’s address in Dunmore, Pennsylvania from Thursday the differences between Biden and his opponent are stark.

The very first thing that is hugely obvious is that Biden cares. Biden cares about you and me. He cares that we are able to live and thrive in America, no matter what your skin color, sex or religion is. Biden understands the problems of the poor and middle class. He understands that we all have problems but there are things that we can do as a community to help relieve the stress that goes with handling our problems.

As Biden was delivering this address, his opponent was busy trying to force America’s children to go to school in what will be incubators for the coronavirus disease. Biden’s opponent doesn’t care – DOESN’T CARE – whether children get deathly sick or die. All his opponent cares about is covering up the biggest single failure in American history so he can fool people into voting for him.

Joe Biden understands that the economy he inherits will be in perhaps the worst shape that any administration has ever inherited. The Obama-Biden administration inherited a world economy near collapse. At that time the administration had a plan and stuck to it. Despite blatant Republican efforts to sabotage the plans for recovery, the Obama administration was able to conceive a plan based on proven economic theories. That plan built the longest string of economic progress in the nation’s history.

That economic progress was inherited by Biden’s opponent. Biden’s opponent took that success and slowly turned the economy back to one that was teetering on collapse. The inequalities that Biden’s opponent and his party put in place with a massive tax cut for the wealthy moved inequalities in this country to level not seen since the gilded age that was noted for the robber barons. Atop heavy economy like that can’t stand for very long.

Biden understands that the very first problem that must be addressed and conquered is the pandemic. Until Americans feel safe to resume normal lifestyles our economy cannot recover. Thus attacking the pandemic will be job 1.

This is totally the opposite of Biden’s opponent’s strategy. The opponent’s strategy has been to ignore the virus and wish it would go away. There was simply no scientific resistance to the virus ever deployed. In fact, the opponent’s administration in many cases, such as securing PPE or ventilators, stood in the way of doctors and hospitals getting what they needed.

The current administration’s actions caused the virus to spread out of control. The way premature opening of the economy which has caused the pandemic to spike to incredible heights is the greatest example. Instead of doing what scientists recommended and what most of the rest of the world was doing, the current administration created the environment for the virus to thrive in a nightmarish reality. Now even our children face deadly consequences as the administration is forcing schools to reopen at the height of the pandemic.

In addition, the current administration is trying to kill the ACA in the middle of the pandemic so that millions of Americans will lose their insurance when they need it most.

Biden knows that unions must be a major part of bringing the economy back. The current administration and the Republican party are doing all they can to squash unions. This would lead to yet a much wider inequality gap which simply will not last. One hallmark of a robust economy is a much narrower gap between the richest and the working person. America’s workers have not had a raise since Jimmy Carter was president. That must change.

To shorten the story, Joe Biden will be looking at perhaps the worst wreckage that any new president has ever faced. Not only will there be an economy teetering on the brink of collapse, the pandemic will still be raging and our standing in the world will be at its lowest level ever. Along with all that, confidence in our government to do anything good for the country will be at its lowest level ever.

The constant lies by Biden’s opponent coupled with the unprecedented blockage of action in the US Senate by Mitch McConnell makes the citizenry wary of the government’s ability to respond to these crises. However, much like Barack Obama faced up to the crises before him and not only reset the economy but also delivered and new healthcare system that covered most Americans we know that Joe Biden has the well proven plans for recovery and inspires the confidence of Americans to follow his lead.

Biden’s opponent has given up on leading. He is bored. Biden’s opponent spends more than every 4th day at the golf course. He doesn’t have time – or interest – to do much more than try to steal the country blind and consort with right wing dictators as his days in the presidency fade to darkness.

Don’t forget that Joe Biden can’t do it alone. He needs a congress that will help put his plans in place with legislation to implement his plans. Iowa plays a huge part in making that happen. Joni Ernst has been an unapologetic acolyte of Biden’s opponent. She has clung to him even as he was found to know about Russia paying Afghanis a bounty to kill our soldiers. This appears to be treasonous, but it doesn’t bather Joni.

If re-elected Joni Ernst will stand as one of the biggest roadblocks to progress in this country.

Joe Biden, Iowa and America need the kind of leadership and progressive values that Theresa Greenfield brings to the table. 

Biden will also need Rita Hart, Cindy Axne, Abby Finkenauer and JD Scholten in the next House.  Looking at the miserable failures that the Republican Party has set upon this country, how could you not vote for Democrats?

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