Tom Courtney Is Running Again!

Tom Courtney

And now we move down to the lower levels of the election. At this level legislative action directly affects your life as they pass legislation that directly affects your taxes, whether you can return soda containers and other things like whether you can buy fireworks or even vote.

When you think about the type of issues that our legislature deals with, having a guy with his feet solidly on the ground like Tom Courtney is a very good idea. Tom is from Burlington. His district is senate district 44 which covers DesMoines County (Burlington) Louisa County (Wapello) and western Muscatine County (West Liberty). Current senator Republican Tom Greene is retiring after one term

From Courtney’s campaign web page:  

Meet Tom

Tom Courtney is an Air Force Veteran, retired Case/New Holland worker, and member of United Auto Workers Local 807. Courtney has served on the Southeast Iowa Health Center Board, the Burlington School Board, the Community Relations Advisory Board at Great River Hospice, and the Iowa Workforce Development Board.

Courtney served in the Iowa Senate from 2003 to 2016. He served as Vice Chair of the Senate State Government Committee and Chair of the Justice System Appropriations Subcommittee. He also sat on the Appropriations, Commerce, Labor & Business Relations, and Rules & Administration committees.

Tom lives in Burlington with his wife Nancy. Together they have five children, including Tom’s two daughters who are both schoolteachers in southeast Iowa, and they have nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Tom did and will continue to represent the working class, including farmers, factory workers, teachers and students, correctional officers, police officers, fire fighters, health care workers, skilled trade workers, blue and pink collar workers, etc.

Tom has the experience, integrity and compassion to be elected once again to the Iowa Senate.

That blurb is very understated.

Courtney was state senator for three terms. During that time he fought hard – tooth and nail – for Iowa’s working men and women. In Saturday morning legislative sessions Tom Courtney would often be the lone voice of sanity when discussing policy. Tom would be the one who could relate what a piece of legislation meant to the man or woman on the factory floor.

Iowa needs Tom Courtney’s voice of reason standing up for them in the Iowa senate once again. If you can, Tom could sure use your help.  The Iowa senate may not be in a position to turn in this election, but it may be in 2022. In any case Iowa needs sensible people like Tom Courtney leading our state.

Courtney’s opponent states on his Facebook page that he is a “Trump Republican.” That right there is a good reason to send Courtney some money and make sure you get an absentee ballot, so you can be sure to vote if the virus goes wild by November.

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