Is The Beltway Media Avoiding The Whole Truth About Trump?

[Update] Check out Press Run a newsletter by veteran media critic Eric Boehlert who has been monitoring right-wing misinformation for years, first as a staff writer for Salon, for ten years at Media Matters for America, and most recently as a media critic at Daily Kos.

Boehlert writes:

Trump’s at war with an unraveling America, that much is clear. The parallel reality is that the American press corps does not know how to deal with this frightening scenario. Or it does know, it just doesn’t have the courage to put that into practice.

Too timid to call Trump out as a radical saboteur who ferments racial violence for political purposes, the Beltway media busies itself chronicling his controversies, documenting his “falsehoods” (never “lies”), and occasionally highlighting his hypocrisy. But an honest discussion about Trump’s plot against America? That’s not really allowed in the news pages.

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This comment on Boehlert’s Press Run article goes even further. The commenter says the media should be talking about Trump in the framework of being owned by the mob and organized crime. There is plenty of newspaper documentation pointing to this yet no real coverage by broadcast media outside an occasional book author as guest on a show.

Even if you think this is far-fetched, what can be more far-fetched than the President of the United States suggesting at a televised press briefing that people should maybe drink or inject bleach to combat COVID-19?  How can the media defend not covering a widely documented fact-based story about the president when they have been more than willing to saturate the broadcast airwaves and cable news with birtherism and every other far-fetched made up narrative to come out of the Trump administration?

Eric Boehlert is right. But this commenter is likely even more right.

by YubNub25Apr 2

Can you please say any of the following words when discussing how Trump is handling this? Mob, mafia, organized crime, etc. I prosecute white collar/org crime. I say that’s what Trump is b/c I know what he is.

Enough with the outrage performances about his lies or that he said it’s no worse than the flu. We get it, he can’t be trusted. This was established with inauguration crowd size. Yet we’re reminded every day how much he lies, golfs, etc. This doesn’t inform citizens, it depresses them and makes them feel powerless. Yet there is a consortium of reporters who are building a following doing this. Did you know Trump pays people to attend his rallies? I can prove it, but it’s never been covered.

Where are the investigative reporters and/or the critical thinkers to tell us why. You can literally go to @lincolnsbible on Twitter where all of the facts are laid out. Its right in front of you. The mob creates chaos then profits off of it. The daughter of Kushner’s PR flunky works at NYT and covers this everyday, yet no one confronts them? Did they sell journalistic integrity for subscriptions? LOOK AT HER FAMILY’S CONNECTIONS TO RUSSIA! JFC! See

Sunlight is how you stop this. No other way.

Media gets more and more blood on its hands as this passive genocide continues. You (the media) have had 3 years to uncover this, yet you failed and continue to do so. Why? Legacy media dying + outside investment from nefarious sources? Start talking mob or stop talking. You’re just making noise.

Check out  @lincolnsbible  and


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