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Obma on DACA

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As a person who lives in Iowa’s minority majority city I was simply astounded Thursday morning when I heard the breaking news that DACA was not overturned. We have friends in the DACA program. No doubt we have friends that we do not know are in the DACA program. We feel great relief for this cloud being lifted, if only temporarily.

Watching a LULAC conference call Thursday afternoon, I could feel the relief and and the joy coming through the screen. But beyond today’s celebratory atmosphere was the knowledge that today’s victory is only temporary. Until Congress and a new president make laws to deal with DACA, President Obama’s executive order will continue to be the target of the right wing.

This SCOTUS decision was one of the most shocking since ……. well, Monday when the same Court by a 6 to 3 margin decided that gay people must be treated as citizens. Treating people as full citizens was roundly condemned on the right. Living here, paying taxes being involved in the community and helping the community have never been enough to qualify as citizens to the right.

At the very end LULAC President Domingo Garcia made the sly comment to the American People that “German sausages didn’t hurt you, Italian pizzas didn’t hurt you and our tacos, fajitas and margaritas won’t hurt you.”

The the host reminded viewers that the work is just beginning. Now the Latinx community needs to get people to the polls as they have never done before.

Do you think the SCOTUS will surprise us in the next couple of weeks and decide that the current president is like any other citizen and not above the law? Do you think SCOTUS will say that the president has to open his tax returns for examination by congress when they are investigating misdeeds? I sure hope so.

After all, Bunker Boy himself tweeted after the DACA ruling: “Do you get the impression that the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?” Here’s hoping his losing streak continues.

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