Seniors And Trump’s War On Health Care

Truman on health careFrom Progress Iowa:

REPORT: How Trump’s War On Health Care Has Worsened the Coronavirus Crisis for Iowa Seniors

Matt Sinovic <>

For Immediate Release: June 18, 2020

Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0133

REPORT: How Trump’s War On Health Care Has Worsened the Coronavirus Crisis for Iowa Seniors

New Report Highlights Trump’s Ongoing Sabotage of Seniors’ Health Care and How His Lawsuit to Overturn the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate Iowa Seniors 


Des Moines, Iowa — A new report was released today by Protect Our Care and the Alliance Retired Americans, as Iowans spoke out on a press call to discuss how Trump’s health care sabotage agenda is putting seniors at increased risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, Iowa Citizen Action Network, Lower Drug Prices Now Iowa coalition, and Protect Our Care Iowa joined Progress Iowa in hosting the call, and discussing how Trump’s war on health care continues to harm seniors—especially his lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which would devastate older Americans during this crisis.

Speakers discussed the need to protect Iowa seniors, especially as they are among the most vulnerable during this crisis:

“Seniors are scared right now. They tell me every day they’ve never seen anything like the coronavirus in their lifetime. One of the main concerns is that they don’t see people wearing face masks, and they are worried about the disease worsening, and about the cost of their prescription drugs. If the Affordable Care Act were repealed, their drug costs would spike and when that happens people will start splitting doses or not taking their medication properly. We cannot allow their health to be impacted by this, and our elected officials must do all they can to protect the ACA.”

-John Forbes, Iowa Representative and Pharmacist

“Older Iowans are at the highest risk during this pandemic, as nearly nine out of ten who have died from COVID-19 are seniors. And more than a third of people who have died from the virus live in nursing homes. Good heavens, this should be a wake up call, we have to do better protecting the most vulnerable. This disease is on the attack, and we must be proactive, protecting our health care, especially for seniors.”
-Mike McCarthy, President, Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans

“President Trump promised to take on the pharmaceutical companies, but has abandoned seniors, refusing to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and worsening the coronavirus crisis by waging war on our health care. And his supporter Senator Joni Ernst has marched along, following his lead, letting Iowa seniors down. We encourage every Iowan to hold Ernst accountable and to continue fighting for health care for seniors and for every Iowan.”
-Sue Dinsdale, Executive Director, Iowa Citizen Action Network & Lower Drug Prices Now Iowa

You can view the full report here and listen to a recording of the press call here.

Couple of quick comments:

First, a simple reminder that Senator Joni Ernst voted to end the Affordable Care Act. As an acolyte of the current president, you can bet she will be in agreement with the Republican wet dream of ending Medicare. The same is true of David Young in the third district. I think I am fairly safe in saying that Republican candidates Miller-Meeks (strangely she is a doctor) in the second district, Hinson in the first district and Feenstra in the third district, would all be on board to kill both the ACA and Medicare.

Pay close attention to this seniors. Voting for any Republican is seriously voting against your own interest.


When we go out to do our little bit of shopping about every ten days or so I am amazed at how few people wear masks. I have quit shopping at Walmart (we did little shopping there anyway) over their lack of a mask policy. For the life of me I can not understand why a person cannot put on a mask for a few minutes while they shop, if only for the selfish reason of protect their own self.

We have people in this state who have some idea that they are not ‘dressed’ until they slap gun on their hip. Guns are heavy – a mask weighs but a couple of ounces if that. Think of the store clerks, the waiters and waitresses, and eventually the doctors and nurses who the maskless are putting in danger for their own selfishness.

I do not understand why our governor is so scared that she can’t do the right thing and make masks mandatory. I is almost as if she. Wants the pandemic to continue. When she claims she listens to the scientists, you can bet at least one of them has told her to make masking mandatory.

Out in California, Governor Newsom orders masks must be worn.


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2 Responses to Seniors And Trump’s War On Health Care

  1. C.A. says:

    Since certain U of I researchers have said that face shields are more effective than masks, I wonder how many Iowans are wearing shields out in public. (I know some Iowans wear shields when working). I’ve only seen one shopper with a face shield. And is there a website somewhere that provides information on which stores really are trying reasonably hard to protect staff and shoppers? A friend told me the Theisens near her seems to be making no effort at all, and she won’t shop there anymore.


    • Dave Bradley says:

      Just trying to find places to shop for myself, the only places that I know that mandate masks are Costco and menard’s. Actually, I was told Menard’s did. I haven’t been there myself.

      I really hate standing in. checkout line and following someone who did not have a mask. Why should I have to suck in their possibly infected air? For that matter why should the cashier? I have quit shopping at Hy-Vee and Walmart for the most part. Will be trying Target.

      As for face shields, I have seen some folks wearing them, but not many.

      I can not understand (oh but really I do) why Reynolds is so gutless that she won’t mandate masks. Freedom? What about my freedom from others infections? So often I think of where we would be if Fred Hubbell had won.


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