Sunday Funday: Dad’s Day Edition

A shout out out there to all you Fathers out there. Does right, being a father can be about the second toughest job there is. A special thanks to those who are doing their best to raise their kids to see their fellow humans as equals, not as some stereotype based on a person’s skin color, religion, sex or language. Mr. Bunker Boy has done all he can to split our country based on prejudices.  But we can change it one child at a time.

One more shout out to the ubiquity (it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!) of the cell phone camera. The more the racists and the haters are caught on camera, the more likely people will understand just how ingrained it is is our society. Never forget: The medium is the message!

On that note, how about one of the latest from the Lincoln Project. This one concerns the deep roots racism has in this country:

WHAT A WEEK! And this is only the beginning.

  1. 155 years after the first Juneteenth, who claimed credit for making the holiday something people knew about?
  1. Which campaign was caught using Nazi Death Camp symbols in a Facebook ad last week?
  1. This coming Tuesday the tell all book by John Bolton will go on sale across the country. What position did John Bolton hold inn the administration?
  1. In the final hectic hours of the Iowa legislature early last Sunday morning Republicans passed what restriction to abortion rights in Iowa?
  1. Among stories in the new John Bolton book is one of Bunker Boy appealing to what world leader to interfere in the coming election?
  1. Since May 27th six people of color have died by what somewhat unusual method across the country?
  1. June 28, 1969 protests and demonstrations begin following a police raid on what gay bar in NYC?
  1. In two major SCOTUS losses for the administration, what conservative justice sided with the liberal faction in both decisions?
  1. A day late and a dollar short as usual what Iowa Republican introduced a bill to protect Inspector Generals last week?
  1. A bill passed in the last frantic hours of the Iowa legislature would force local governments to allow what in their buildings or face punitive damage?
  1. Speaker Pelosi had portraits of four former House speakers removed from the capitol because the four had done what in their lives?
  1. Can you name a major American company who made Juneteenth a holiday this year? (Either paying employees time and a half or giving the day off)
  1. Jean Smith died at age 92 last week. She was probably best known as the sister of what President?
  1. Right now there are many “hot” border skirmishes around the world, including one between what two largest countries in the world?
  1. What three states are now the hot spots for the coronavirus since “reopening” in May?
  1. Our northern neighbor, Canada, has about 1/10th of our population. What is their ratio of coronavirus to ours?
  1. In Tennessee a petition with 18,000 signatures requested moving Confederate statues and replacing them with statues of what famous Tennessean?
  1. January 9th, 1978 who becomes the first openly gay elected official in California?  (Hint: He was assassinated later that year)
  1. What inexpensive and widely available steroid has been identified as showing to reduced coronavirus deaths?
  1. Because the products’ name are based on racial stereotypes, Quaker Oats has decided to rename and re-image what product line?


  1. Bunker Boy!
  1. The Trump for President campaign
  1. National Security Advisor
  1. A 24 hour waiting period
  1. China’s. Xi
  1. Hanging – more specifically supposed suicide by hanging, some in public areas
  1. The Stonewall Inn
  1. CJ John Roberts
  1. Chuck Grassley
  1. Guns – are guns allowed on the floor of the legislature?
  1. They were part of the Confederate government
  1. There were many – Target, Penney’s, Google, Twitter (more here)
  1. President Kennedy
  1. India and China
  1. Arizona,  Florida and Texas
  1. Canada has @4% of the virus cases we do (100,220 to 2,400,000) and @ 6% of our deaths (8,300 to 122,000)
  1. Dolly Parton
  1. Harvey Milk elected as a SanFrancisco supervisor.
  1. Dexamethasone 
  1. Aunt Jemima syrups and pancake mixes

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