Sunday Funday: Warmer Weather On The Way Edition

Fauci: No Evidence That Warmer Weather Will Make Trump Disappear

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Responding to what he called “wishful thinking” on the part of millions of Americans, Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Thursday that there was “no scientific evidence” that warmer weather will make Donald J. Trump disappear.

Answering a question from CNN’s Jake Tapper, Fauci said, “There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet about how, when the warmer weather comes, maybe Trump will disappear, or at least somewhat diminish the wreckage he causes. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to suggest that this will be the case.”

Fauci said that, based on the photographic and video record of Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort, “He appears to be more active in the warmer weather.”

“When the temperature goes up, he seems to get less lethargic and goes golfing,” Fauci said. “This suggests that, when the summer months come, we could be seeing a second wave of him, unfortunately.” …


{Sigh} if only ………………..

Did anything happen last week?

  1. In Iowa two types of facilities seem to be extreme hotspots for Covid-19 infections. One is nursing homes. What is the other?
  1. What university and its president is being sued by its student in a class action suit for its response (reopening the campus) to the Covid-19 pandemic?
  1. In a strange outburst during his daily presser Tuesday, the Chosen One threatened to do what to congress?
  1. Election returns were announced in the closely watched Wisconsin primary and judicial election. Which party won the Supreme Court seat in the Wisconsin election?
  1. Friday, Governor Reynolds announced that Iowa’s schools would do what for the rest of the school year?
  1. Asserting his claim to constitutional authority over state governors, the Chosen One claimed his “authority was “ what?
  1. The leader of what country is now out of the ICU and the hospital, but still not back to work?
  1. Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden received endorsements from what two former rivals last week?
  1. What Democratic female politician when asked if she would accept an invitation to be Biden’s VP by Rachel Maddow responded with a simple “Yes”?
  1. What happened on the the eighteenth of April of 1775 in American history?
  1. In South Carolina a really strange situation is developing as senate challenger Democrat Jaime Harrison has outraised what incumbent Republican?
  1. At least one sailor has died on what Navy ship made famous by its captain’s ouster a couple of weeks ago?
  1. Keeping with his policy of blaming all the wrong people for his failures, the Chosen One announced he was cutting off US contributions to what international organization dealing with Health?
  1. 21 years ago tomorrow, April 20, 1999, the nation was stunned with news of a massive school shooting at what school?
  1. Appearing on CNN’s ’State of the Nation’ what member of the administration’s Covid-19 team said that “earlier mitigation could have save more lives”?
  1. What other major endorsement did Nominee Joe Biden get last week?
  1. In a strange series of tweets, the Chosen One called on Americans to liberate what 3 states with Democratic governors?
  1. A delay in delivering stimulus checks is being caused because of what change insisted on by the Chosen One?
  1. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed an election reform bill that made Election Day a state holiday in place of a holiday that honored what two Confederate heroes?
  1. What packing plant in Sioux Falls, SD has one of the highest rates of Covid-19 infection in the country?

Bonus: Wildfires are burning very close to what highly toxic abandoned Russian nuclear plant?

2020 be like

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  1. Meat packing plants
  1. Liberty University – President Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  1. Adjourn them. 
  1. Democrat Jill Karofsky won
  1. Stay closed
  1. “Total”
  1. Boris Johnson of the UK
  1. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. The Midnight Ride of Paul revere
  1. Lindsey Graham
  1. The Theodore Roosevelt
  1. The World Health Organization
  1. Littleton, Colorado
  1. Dr. Fauci 
  1. Former Pres. Barack Obama
  1. Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia
  1. His signature be put on the checks
  1. Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson
  1. Smithfield Foods.

Bonus: Chernobyl

Mueller- trump can be charged with crimes

A reminder of why Trump wants to win so badly. Tip of the hat to

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