Visuals Of Trump’s Horrendous Failure On Covid-19

Let’s be honest, a well presented visual representation of an idea or concept strikes deeper in our minds and often stays in there much longer. This week as the US death toll due to the Trump Administration topped 10,000 and then 15,000 of our fellow Americans those who deal in the visual arts stepped it up it seems.

First we have a cartoon from Rueben Bolling who publishes on the front page of weekly presents us with this imagineering of what would have happened had FDR acted like Trump after Pearl Harbor: 

If Roosevelt acted like Trump Tom the Dancing Bug

Next we turn to those anti-Trump folks at the Lincoln Project who seem to be producing some of the best political ads of the year so far. If you didn’t know, the Lincoln Project is a group of anti-Trump Republicans headed up by attorney George Conway. Conway is the husband of super speed Trump Administration spokes-liar Kelly Anne Conway:

Sacrifice (1 minute):

Next we go to’s Earl G with an excellent representation of how concerned the current president is about our health and safety:

rich uncle bodybags

Next we will go back to the Lincoln Project for another fine little video.

Distracted (1.5 minutes):

Now we go to for this view:

Trumpian apocalyse

A 30 second burn from the Lincoln Project:

Virus In The World



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