Mike Franken Calls Out Joni Ernst On Caucus Comments

Michael Franken – Photo Credit – Campaign Website

“Go along to get along is not an Iowa value”

 Mike Franken’s official statement on Senator Joni Ernst’s comments on Biden, Iowa voters

Mike Franken, a retired three-star admiral, expressed his concern Tuesday over statements made by Senator Joni Ernst referencing Joe Biden and Iowa caucus goers.

Just after yesterday’s impeachment proceedings, Joni Ernst gleefully said that she was “interested to see how [impeachment]…influences Iowa caucus voters.” It seems Senator Ernst gave the game plan away.

Impeachment is serious business. It is not a whimsical political tool to influence elections. And I’m not only dismayed that Joni Ernst and Mitch McConnell seem so willing to use impeachment to undermine Joe Biden, I’m aghast that they trumpet it.

As the president stands trial and unfortunate history is being made, Iowa’s Joni Ernst doesn’t just lack impartiality, she lacks integrity. Go along to get along is not an Iowa value in matters of national import.

Six years ago, Iowans asked for a senator who would reflect the values of all Iowans and uphold the integrity of our nation’s military. Did Iowa get what they wanted? I’m thinking that we want a senator who serves Iowa’s wishes, and isn’t blindly obedient to Mitch McConnell nor fearful of Donald Trump.

It’s time for a sea change. Raised in rural Sioux County and having served this nation for a very long time, I won’t change like Joni has. .

Michael Franken (D-Sioux City) is a retired Vice Admiral running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in the upcoming June 2nd, 2020 primary.

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