Sunday Funday: Dishwasher Edition

Would you buy a dishwasher from the guy on the end of this clip?

BTW, remember that when the Chosen One is trashing some one who dishes dirt on him as a scum bag or a lowlife, the reason that scum bag or lowlife has dirt is because at one time the Chosen One or one of his chosen companions selected that lowlife or scumbag to be part of the inner circle. We have pictures to prove it. Ask Michael Cohen or Lev Parnas. 

Someone reminded me the other day that organized crime (aka the Mafia) runs on total loyalty to their leader, their Don if you will, along with total silence about the inner workings of the Organization . If this reminds you of any certain American political Party, it is only coincidence. As Malcolm Nance always says, coincidence takes a lot of planning.

Nothing interesting happened last week.

  1. At the NCAA football championship Monday, attended by the Chosen One, teacher of the year Kelly Holstine performed what act of protest?
  1. True or false: Friday’s winter storm proved climate change is a hoax?
  1. A major potential violent rally is scheduled in Virginia’s capitol Monday as the Virginia legislature considers legislation on what issue?
  1. Rachel Maddow’s interview with Giuliani associate Lev Parnas was a bombshell this week. What other cable newsperson interviewed Parnas this week?
  1. Among the bombs dropped by Parnas was the scheme employed by the administration to oust what ambassador?
  1. Another bomb included a no-show by what US official at the Ukrainian presidents inauguration if Ukraine did not announce an investigation into Joe Biden?
  1. Republicans think they have a big scandal involving Speaker Pelosi. What horrible act did the Speaker commit as she signed the impeachment charges on the Chosen One?
  1. Robert Hyde, deeply involved in the Ukraine skullduggery, is running for Congress as a Republican in what state?
  1. Duncan Hunter – remember him – did what notable act Monday?
  1. What California congress member suddenly remembered that he had talked to a Lev Parnas after Parnas outed him as being in the inner circle of the Ukraine scandal?
  1. Among those included in the Ukraine scheme included what two top cabinet members?
  1. The Chosen One tried to shore up his support with what group of voters by rolling out what he called “the right to pray”?
  1. An extensive collection of memorabilia of what President went on an online auction Friday as one lot with bids starting at $1.7 million?
  1. Data in what section of the earth showed the highest temperatures ever with the rate of heating accelerating?
  1. A subcommittee in the Iowa senate passed the first proposal on an amendment on what issue mentioned by Gov. Reynolds in her State of the State message Tuesday?
  1. What huge investment firm is changing its investment strategy to move away from investments that are not moving to sustainability on climate change?
  1. The entire government of what country, except for the president, resigned as the president announce constitutional changes that would consolidate his power after his term ends in 2024?
  1. How many managers did Speaker Pelosi name to conduct the House’s role in the impeachment?
  1. Which state became the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment last week?
  1. Which sport’s league and player’s union agreed to a contract that would nearly double player’s salaries and provide maternity leave?

Perhaps one of the oddest moments this week happened on Jeopardy’s Greatest of All Time contest. All time great Ken Jennings, James Holshauer and Brad Rutter were shown a picture of Congress Member Adam Schiff and none of the three could identify who it was. 


  1. Kneeling during the national anthem
  1. Democrats say false, Republicans say true (sarcasm for the humor impaired)
  1. Gun control
  1. Anderson Cooper
  1. Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch
  1. VP Mike Pence
  1. Pelosi used many peans to sign the papers and passed them out to the House Impeachment managers as souvenirs
  1. Connecticut
  1. Resigned from congress
  1. Devin Nunes
  1. AG Bill Barr and SoS Mike Pompeo
  1. Evangelicals
  1. JFK
  1. The oceans
  1. Abortion
  1. Black Rock
  1. Russia
  1. 7
  1. Virginia
  1. The WNBA

Perhaps one of the funniest lines from Lev Parnas last week came when Parnas was asked about Trump denying that he (Trump) did not know Parnas:

“I welcome him to say that even more,” Parnas said Thursday. “Every time he says it, I’ll show them another picture.”

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