Remember In November: The Election Is A Referendum On Trump

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As we head into the caucuses, try to remember that the little issues and squabbles that the media are trying to stir into a big fight are really nothing. Among the candidates still standing I have no problem with any of them except Tulsi Gabbard. I can’t believe Ms. Gabbard will be in much longer than Feb. 4th.

So when you go to your caucus Monday February 3rd, remember that your enemy is not those across the aisle supporting a rival candidate. At some point in the near future we will, we must come together behind whoever the party decides is our candidate is, no mayor who.

Nothing less than the survival of OUR country and probably our planet is at stake. If our candidate is male or female, super progressive of somewhat conservative it makes no difference. That person will be THE person that has been designated as the proverbial dragon slayer.  Once the decision is made we must unite behind the new party leader.

In some degree the election will not really be between Trump and a Democrat. The real election is actually a recall of Trump and picking a replacement. Trump’s record of four years of mismanagement, lies, lies, lies, alienating allies, immigration atrocities, fomenting violence, raping our environment, – and the list goes on seemingly forever – is up for review. I can’t imagine there are more than just a few people in this country who see this as a record of achievement.

This election will also be a referendum on the cowardly members of congress who have spent the past four years ignoring, making excuses and generally enabling the criminal actions of of an administration that came in hell bent on making a mockery of our form of government. That includes Chuck Grassley and one of the greatest enablers of all in the senate, Joni Ernst. Of course it includes Steve King who saw his form of racism come into vogue with Trump only to have it backfire on him.

The non-enablers in the Republican Party of this criminal enterprise is a much shorter list than the enablers. In fact, here is the list: Justin Amash of Michigan. All other Republican members of congress have to some degree or another aided and abetted Trump in his push to undermine our form of government. They deserve to be voted against in their own form of a rrferendum.

Thus on caucus night all the contenders have as a base line that getting rid of Donald Trump is job #1. They all also believe that climate change must finally addressed and addressed boldly. They also agree that health care for all is the ultimate goal, the question is how we get there.

One issue that doesn’t get the coverage it deserves are all the issues around elections themselves. Getting money out of politics, gerrymandering, hackable voting machines with no paper back up, voter purges that are targeted at potential Democratic voters – all problems that hurt our status as a real democracy.

So remember on caucus night, the guy across the aisle is not the enemy. The person with an (R) behind their name has been aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise in the White House. They are who we need to get out of office.

And it should go without saying. You and I will play a major role this summer and fall in making sure we drive up the votes for Democratic candidates. When we volunteer our time this fall we must get people to the polls because every vote has never meant more. Remember, every vote will never have meant more than it will this fall.

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