Democrats Talk About The Climate

Tuesday’s Democratic debate had a good segment on what should be one of the two overriding issues of 2020 – the other being the corruption of the president and the whole Republican Party.

It has been rare that climate change has gotten such exposure, so to see climate change front and center Tuesday was a welcome change.

The Green News Report is a weekly feature on The Brad Blog. Desi Doyen is the host of the GNR with able assistance from owner Brad Friedman.

In Wednesday evening’s segment of the GNR, Doyen discusses the prominence that climate issues were given by the Democrats in Des Moines.

To see climate issues finally get at least an airing is very good news. Feels like network TV and the cable newsers have been trying to bury climate issues from sight.

Here is a short clip of candidates Steyer and Buttigieg pushing each other on who is best on climate:

For those who think the climate is not changing or that climate change will not lead to the problems that have been predicted, we only need to look at Australia which continues to be the cutting edge of what is coming with climate change:

australian climate chande answers

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