While Your Attention Was Diverted

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Merry Christmas from the Republican Party.

In the past two weeks while our eyes and ears were focused on seeing justice brought to the lawless president through impeachment the Republican Party has continued its full on assault against Americans and their families.


Wednesday a Federal Appeals Court ruled on a 2 to 1 (split on a party line by appointer) that the ACA is now unconstitutional since the tax for not having the ACA no longer exists. Merry Christmas from the Republican Party to those who may lose their insurance and die.   


By tightening work requirements the current administration will cut benefits to over 700,000 actual human beings. Real breathing humans. By doing this the Republican Party was able to save enough to pay for a few minutes of tax cuts for the ultra rich that they passed 2 years ago. Well what are your priorities? Feeding people or making the rich richer? Merry Christmas from the Republican Party.

Social Security cuts

The Trump administration will be cutting benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Besides cutting SS benefits to disabled citizens, this will also be a sadistic attempt at pitting one group of beneficiaries against another. Merry Christmas from the Republican Party.


Think they won’t get you? Keep voting for them and I will bet you will find out. 

Think that Medicare is a right? Boy are you in for a surprise!

Think that education is something the state should provide? Just keep on voting for Republicans and you could be very surprised.

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