Amy Klobuchar: From The Heartland

NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo will host the first 2020 presidential primary debate in June of 2019. This is the twelfth in a series of BFIA’s coverage and commentary of the announcement speeches by the declared Democratic candidates for president for 2020 in no particular order.  To view the previous candidate announcement posts type the candidate’s name in the search box on this page.

Perhaps one of the most memorable candidate announcements of all time had to be that of Minnesota’s senior senator, Amy Klobuchar. While what Klobuchar said was certainly important, her speech was most memorable for the setting. Out doors in a good old-fashioned Minnesota snow storm.

Unlike a certain cowardly president who couldn’t step into the rain to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI last November, Senator Klobuchar seemed to relish the Minnesota winter weather.

Meeting an unwanted situation with a great sense of humor, Klobuchar kicked off her campaign on Boom Island in the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities. Klobuchar uses the river to get to her main theme of her candidacy: Everyone Matters.  We are all in this together and together we can do great things. She calls for the renewal of our commitment to the common good.

Mixing stories of her family with the aspirations of all Americans, Klobuchar attacks those who try to divide us. She then goes on to list major obstacles that she will go after on day one. Climate change will be in the forefront.

Access to the internet for everyone is important to Klobuchar. However the major tech companies must be restrained from what they can do with your private data.

Health care will be a major focus for Klobuchar which she illustrates with a story of our current system failing those who need it.

After discussing some of the other “obstacles” that she intends to go after she concludes with a story of an immigrant family trying to become American.

At the end Klobuchar focuses on her “grit” and how she will work to overcome the obstacles with the help of those who come together with her.

On her campaign website Klobuchar sums up her campaign in three simple statements:

I’m running because I believe we can be a nation governed not by chaos — but from opportunity. The kind of opportunity my grandpa — who worked 1500 feet underground in the mines in Northern Minnesota — gave my family when he saved money in a coffee can in the basement to send my dad to college. The kind of opportunity my mom, a school teacher and a proud union member, gave me when she taught me to live with purpose. The kind of opportunity my dad, a newspaperman, gave me to always look for life’s adventures and never shy away from adversity.

I’m running because we’re tired of divisive politics. We’re fed up with the shutdowns and the showdowns, the gridlock and the grandstanding. Today, we say enough is enough.

I’m running because we need to rise to the occasion and meet the challenges of our day. For too long leaders in Washington have sat on the sidelines while others try to figure out what to do about our changing economy and its impact on our lives, what to do about the disruptive nature of new technologies, income inequality, the political and geographic divides, the changing climate, the tumult in our world. Let’s stop seeing those obstacles as obstacles on our path. Let’s see those obstacles as our path.

Amy Klobuchar is a very hard working midwestern pragmatist who brings people together and works to find solutions to problems. Her quick wit and self-deprecating humor allows people to feel like she is an old friend they can trust. Klobuchar would be a much welcome change in the White House, both in personna and in work ethic.

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