Sunday Funday: Big Doings In Cedar Rapids Today Edition

The 2019 Hall of Fame celebration will be in Cedar Rapids at the Double Tree Inn at 2 PM this afternoon. I believe CSPAN has carried this event in the past but would not swear to that.

Switching gears to a Robert Reich video (3 minutes) that sort of dovetails with the Hall of Fame event:

In news of interest last week Steve King is being treated by Republicans the way that Republicans treat people that are not Republicans or are women or immigrant or people of color and he doesn’t like it. For some reason I am having a hard time finding any sympathy for him.  

Besides being D-Day, June 6th is also the birthday of Nathan Hale who died at age 21 after being caught spying during the Revolutionary War. Reading of Hale made me wonder if our current Dear Leader would have been a fan of our Revolution or if would he have claimed a health issue to get out of service?

Our deepest thanks to those who stormed the beaches at Normandy.

On to our weekly review:

  1. According to Dear Leader, who is “nasty?”
  1. According to economists at Iowa State and Creighton, the new tariffs on Mexico will make what more likely?
  1. Who is the newest Democratic candidate to declare for a senate run in Iowa against Joni Ernst?
  1. In a blow to science the administration declared a ban on using what for research by government researchers?
  1. In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam will call a special session of the legislature to deal with what problem?
  1. A disaster relief bill was finally passed by congress after a series of delay tactics by what group of legislators?
  1. What Iowa congress member called for a lifetime ban on former congress members becoming lobbyists last week?
  1. Washington DC’s July 4th plans changed bigly last week when who decided he would make a speech from the Lincoln Memorial?
  1. In Europe, Dear Leader compared what potential post-Brexit border to his view of the US-Mexico border?
  1. Dear Leader took time from his European trip to call who a “washed up psycho?”
  1. The US military deployed at the border will spend the next month doing what?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate attended a Walmart board meeting to chastise the company for paying stagnation wages?
  1. Queen Elizabeth has met with 12 of the 13 US presidents during her reign. Which president did she not meet?
  1. Monthly labor statistics were announced Friday. Job growth was low, growing by only how many jobs last month?
  1. Football! Football! Football! What major international football (soccer) started last Friday?
  1. What tech platform announced it will remove white supremacist videos?
  1. What former Dear Leader associate got an all expense paid trip to Riker’s Island last week?
  1. With temps well over 120 F, what country is suffering through one of its worst heat waves ever?
  1. The New York legislature passed a ban on what said to be cruel veterinary practice?
  1. Who is James Holzhauer?

John Fugelsang on twitter:

Welcome to America, where even though the Civil War’s been over for 150+ yrs we still have poor whites fighting for rich plantation owners.


  1. Megan Markle aka the Duchess of Sussex
  1. A recession – they start Monday
  1. Theresa Greenfield of Des Moines
  1. Fetal tissue
  1. Guns. This following the mass murder in Virginia Beach
  1. The freedom caucus within the Republican Party
  1. Cindy Axne
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Ireland – Northern Ireland
  1. Bette Midler
  1. Painting the fence
  1. Bernie Sanders
  1. LBJ
  1. 75,000 
  1. The Women’s World Cup
  1. Youtube
  1. Paul Manafort
  1. India
  1. Declawing cats
  1. He is the (now) former Jeopardy champion who lost last Monday after 32 consecutive wins

Enjoy some Randy Rainbow before you go

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