Sunday Funday: A Stroll Down Memory Lane Edition

Thanks to babylonsister over at for this memory:   

“Senator Ervin then called on the president’s closest top advisers to appear. The president said they could not. They were protected, as he constitutionally is, by executive privilege. Senator Ervin immediately called a press conference and began with a line from Julius Caesar, ‘What meat doth this Caesar eat that he grows so great? And I say to you, what meat do these White House aides eat that they grow so great? We abolished titles of nobility in the long ago and if these men refuse to come down here, I shall instruct the sergeant-at-arms in the Senate to go to the White House and fetch ’em. They are as subject to questioning as any other citizens. The president calls it executive privilege. I call it executive poppycock.’”

May the spirit of Sam Ervin inspire the committees investigating our lawless, arrogant wannabe monarch.

Will Dear Leader be able to Barr the investigation?

  1. Cyclone Kenneth dealt a second severe blow to what African country in less than a month?
  1. What was predicted for last Tuesday (April 23rd) that would have made it much quieter around the world the rest of the week?
  1. What country suffered bomb attacks in churches and luxury hotels on Easter Sunday?
  1. If Gov. Reynolds signs the bill, Iowa will become the 42nd state to allow the growth of what crop?
  1. In a move that made headlines around the country, Iowa State representative Andy McKean changed his party affiliation from what to what?
  1. According to Dear Leader, a child at the Easter egg roll told Dear Leader to keep doing what?
  1. Measles continues to escalate across the country  with outbreaks on college campuses in what state?
  1. What central figure in the New Jersey bridge closing scandal blew the whistle on. Gov. Christie after she was sentenced to prison?
  1. Iowa’s Republican legislators voted to drastically curb the independence of what popularly elected state official Wednesday?
  1. What Democratic candidate proposed wiping out nearly all student debt last week?
  1. The SCOTUS last week heard arguments in a case concerning adding what controversial question to the upcoming census?
  1. The FBI arrested the head of a militia group that was harassing people at the southern border and had a hit list of what prominent Americans?
  1. Dear Leader will be visiting England in June. The Queen has let it be known that Dear Leader will not be afforded what two usual practices for state visits?
  1. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a report Wednesday that what water sources in Iowa are contaminated with agricultural chemicals?
  1. Former VP Joe Biden announced his run for the presidency Thursday. This Biden’s what attempt to run for president?
  1. What world leader announced that he would name a new town after Dear Leader?
  1. What sitting Republican governor is making motions as if he will run for president in 2020?
  1. Biden picked up many endorsements right off the bat including the family of what one time Republican presidential candidate?
  1. Dear Leader said if he was impeached, he would challenge the impeachment to what other branch of government?
  1. Democratic presidential candidates answered questions before a forum for women of color in Houston known by what name?
  1. Bonus – Steve King compared himself to what historic figure last week at a town hall?

Robert Reich discusses myths concerning taxing the rich (8 minutes):


  1. Mozambique
  1. The rapture. I had my eye on a new house that I was sure would be empty.
  1. Sri Lanka
  1. Industrial Hemp. Once again Iowa leads from behind.
  1. From Republican to Democratic
  1. Building that wall. (Anyone believe it?)
  1. California
  1. Bridget Kelley
  1. The Attorney General – in this case Tom Miller
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. A citizenship question
  1. Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros
  1. A ride in the royal carriage and a night in the palace
  1. Private wells. 
  1. 3rd. Previous attempts in 1988 and 2008
  1. Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr Netanyahu said the move would honour Mr Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan in March.
  1. Larry Hogan of Maryland
  1. John McCain
  1. The Supreme Court. He may want to read the constitution about that.
  1. She the People
  1. Jesus Christ

Robert Reich says America has already fired Dear Leader (3 minutes):

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