In Green News, Others Pass Us By

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Some quite interesting news around the world as other countries move away from fossil fuels and toward renewables for their energy.  

From Africa we get news that the country of Zambia is celebrating a unique achievement – the elimination of power outages by ditching fossil fuels and moving to almost all renewables such as hydraulic and solar energy.

‏”Using its verified Twitter account @AfDB_Group (note: African Development Bank), the bank tweeted on Saturday: “Power cuts are now a thing of the past in #Zambia! A major boost in electricity production – thanks to a robust hydraulic and solar power generation industry – means the country is now self-sufficient in energy.”

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“And, there is even better news for citizens of the South African nation — electricity production could soon be in surplus,” the bank said.

Zambia generates practically all its energy production from its own primary resources: biomass, coal and hydroelectricity, with flagship plants such as the power station near the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam, in the south-east of the country, taking centre stage.”

The article goes on to describe what other steps Zambia is taking to add to its energy portfolio with solar and other renewables.

Stories like this from around the world are encouraging especially the once progressive United States trapped into using fossil fuels by a Republican Party which is a seeming subsidiary of the fossil fuel industries. 

For us to make the steps we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels, we need to elect visionary leaders who can galvanize the country around the need to move beyond fossil fuels for the good of the country, planet and the people.

Renewable power and climate change must be central to the next election.

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