Grassley Tries His Damndest To Avoid ACA Question

“You are threatening my life” says constituent

Looking fully like the old fool that he is, Chuck Grassley tries to employ a dance to make it seem like he is all in favor of the ACA and covering pre-existing conditions when the reality of his positions (anti-ACA) is all over the internet:

Remember that Ernst’s position is little different than Grassley’s. She will pretend she approves of the ACA while trying to kill it.

Meanwhile Ernst Tap Dances Around Trump’s Bad Tariff Deals

Looking about as lost as those asking her questions, Joni Ernst tries to tap dance around the bad tariff deals that the administration has doled out. She says she is “cautiously optimistic.” That pretty much means nothing when you have products you can’t sell.

Kind of sounds like Ernst and her Republican colleagues are moving their “hope and prayers” dodge from gun violence to cover their total incompetence in trade. 

We need to replace Ernst and her “cautious optimism” with someone who deals in reality with competence.


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  1. Trish Nelson says:

    This a standard avoidance tactic of Grassley. He told me to my face, not in a town hall meeting but at a chance encounter while checking out of a motel that we had also stayed at during RAGBRAI, during the summer of 2016, that everyone had nothing to worry about because Trump would never be elected.


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