Stopping The Gun Nuts In Iowa

Sharing this action alert from Iowans for Gun Safety  (updated):

Iowans for Gun safety is joining with other organizations to speak out on Wednesday, February 27 to tell lawmakers they support Iowa’s common sense gun laws and to Vote No on legislation that would place Iowans in harm’s way.  The Day of Action will focus on stopping the constitutional amendment that would expand gun rights as well as the bill that would allow permit-less carry in Iowa.  Both would do harm to current law designed to keep Iowans safe and any future laws to be considered.

Religious and community leaders will hold a press conference at the Iowa State Capitol in Room 116 at 9:45 a.m. on February 27th to speak out against the legislation.  Gun safety advocates are encouraged to attend the press conference and then take action by talking with legislators at the statehouse.

Additionally, Iowans from across the state are encouraged to participate in an Email/Phone Blitz on the same day.  Please contact your own State Senator and Representative through email and/or phone and ask them to reject the legislation.

Email/Phone Blitz on the Day of Action:

  • Call and/or email both your Representative and your Senator any time on Wednesday, February 27th.
  • If you look them up and a cell number is available, please call them on that number, otherwise you can call them using the House or Senate switchborad listed below  – see below to look up their numbers.
  • Email should go to their legislative email – see below.
  • Always be polite and civil, even if you are sure that the lawmaker disagrees with you.
  • Please focus on asking them to “Vote No”on the Constitutional Amendment and to “Vote No” on the Permit-less Carry legislation.
  • Our message for the day is important- common sense gun laws and regulations promote the health and protect the safety of Iowans – but we certainly want you to use your own words.  And, if you can personalize it with a story, please do so.

How to reach Your State Senator and Representative:

  • If you do not know who to contact , please go to Find your state senator or representative.
  • After filling in your address, the names of your Senator and Representative will be on the next page.
  • Click on one of the names and their contact information will be on their information pages.  Be sure to go back and click on the other name, too.

General Iowa Capitol contact information:

  • House Switchboard:    515-281-3221
  • Senate Switchboard:   515-281-3371
  • Legislative Emails:

And as always, we continue to welcome any and all contributions to support our efforts and goals.  Click here to donate and help us out! 

Thank you!

Scott Peterson, Chair, Iowans for Gun Safety

Click here to donate.

Iowans for Gun Safety


An extra action suggestion from Blog for Iowa:  Please consider donating to Midwest Victory PAC  Senator Joni Ernst is a leading recipient of NRA money.

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  1. Tom Sacco says:

    I live in ZIP 50311. I used the included link to find my state reps. The info was wrong.


  2. Collin West says:

    Thank you for the shout-out, Trish!

    Collin West
    Executive Director, Midwest Victory PAC


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