America’s War On Kids

video 4 minutes, not safe for work

Seems like there has always been a war on kids in this country. However, since Nixon’s brilliant strategy of getting back at the hippies and blacks for their part in the civil rights movements and the anti-war movement there has been little doubt that kids are something to be controlled, manipulated and ignored.

Now, with friends and family dying in front of them, the kids are standing up and saying “No More!” Today’s kids are showing that unlike generations before they are not going to be ignored and manipulated into eventually following along. Showing signs that the oligarchs are not going to be able to control these kids is sending shudders through the ruling oligarchs.

Expect the ruling class to start to come down hard when these kids assert themselves this week with the mass school walkout this week followed by the mass marches across the country on Saturday, March 24th.      

Let’s get out there and back them up and help send the message loud and strong: Enough is Enough. 

We as a society can put a stop to the gun violence. 

We can put an end to the careers of politicians who march to the drums of the NRA.

We must be a civilized society, not a nation of locked doors with everyone armed to the teeth.

Not One More!

Let’s march.

Then let’s check our voting registration.

Then let’s everyone resolve to give a couple hours a week to volunteer on campaigns for candidates who support sensible gun laws this summer and fall.

Then let’s make sure we vote. Even better, let’s vote early so we will know if our registration is valid and our vote will count. Then if there is a problem there may be time to fix it.

Then let’s make sure our friends have voted.

Remember the gun sellers and the gun lobby doesn’t give a crap about your kids or their lives. They only care about selling guns. WE CAN STOP THEM!

You have the power. For the sake of your kids and grandkids, for your neighbors kids and your friends kids, this is the time to stand up and be counted.

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