Sunday Funday: High Holy Days Of Basketball Are Upon Us

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Readers of this column know that there are some things that your friendly quizmaster holds sacred. Basketball tournament time is time to shut down and bathe in the glow of some great games, some upsets and the buzzer beaters.

We know that sports is not real life, but some times real life can grind you into dust, especially with the Dear Leader and his minions robbing the common people blind. So for a couple weeks a year, the tournaments gives us a chance to escape into the games just as our ancient ancestors did.

Right now, I think Michigan looks good. Probably a kiss of death.

Meanwhile the real world continues to read like the most outrageous novel ever written.

  1. Dear Leader unilaterally imposed tariffs on what two commodities?
  1. What former aid to Dear Leader astounded TV audiences with a meltdown on air Monday claiming he would defy a subpoena?
  1. Well it is Women’s History Month. Who was the first American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize?
  1. The confirmation of Iowa DHS Director is being held up by Iowa senate Democrats over what issue?
  1. Seneca Falls New York has a special place in American Women’s history because what happened there?
  1. Mississippi imposed a ban on abortions after how many weeks, becoming the shortest window in the country?
  1. MSNBC commentator and former W Bush White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter formed an exploratory senate committee in what state?
  1. Current Counselor to the President(?) Kellyanne Conway was cited Tuesday by the Office of Special Council with violations of what law by “advocation for and against candidates”?
  1. Gee our governor finally woke up to realize that a trade war would devastate what sector of the economy?
  1. Photographers may get the chance to photograph the two worst haircuts in the world in May when what two world leaders meet?
  1. Ready for another depression? Looks like congress is ready to pull back some of the restrictions on banks in what 2010 law?
  1. What supposedly red state saw a huge increase in voters on the Democratic side Tuesday?
  1. The owner of what NFL franchise declared Tuesday that “all player will be standing for the national anthem”?
  1. Canada unveiled its new $10 note on Thursday. What 2 things were different about it?
  1. The very aptly named Sally Ride was America’s first woman to do what?
  1. What state finally settled a teacher’s strike by granting a 5% wage increase?
  1. “Inclusion rider” was the ending words of what academy award winner’s speech last Sunday night?
  1. What airline replaced its bonus program for employees with a hokey big-prize lottery system for employees?
  1. The brother of what cabinet member is undergoing scrutiny for his role in a secret meeting in the Seychelles islands in January 2017?
  1. What “man of mystery” from that Seychelles islands meeting has been cooperating with the Special Counsel and is seen as a key witness?

Sam Bee – 7 minutes probably not safe for work:


  1. Steel and aluminum
  1. Sam Nunberg (a one man March Madness)
  1. Jane Addams
  1. Privatized medicaid system
  1. The first women’s convention in 1848
  1. 15 weeks
  1. Minnesota
  1. The Hatch Act
  1. Agriculture.
  1. Dear leader from PRNK and Dear Leader of the USA
  1. Dodd-Franks
  1. Texas
  1. Miami Dolphins – didn’t say what he’d do if they did though
  1. 1) first woman (Viola Desmond) to appear on a note and 2) it will be oriented lengthwise
  1. Go into space
  1. West Virginia
  1. Frances McDormand
  1. United – screws employees out of $71million a year in bonuses
  1. Eric Prince brother of Betsy DeVoss
  1. George Nader

One more Sam Bee 7 minutes- not safe for work:

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