Iowa Republicans Plan To Dismantle IPERS

For the 2018 session, Iowa Republicans already have filed legislation to mess with the retirement of hundreds of thousands of public employees.

Senate File 45 would begin to dismantle IPERS and other Iowa public retirement programs by blocking new Iowa workers from joining them as of July 2019.

It would also require studies on transforming IPERS into a risky “defined contribution” plan, one subject to the whims of the stock market.

This Monday, December 11, Iowa State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald and Senator Matt McCoy are holding a 1 PM Statehouse news conference on the threats that IPERS and other retirement programs face in the 2018 session of the Iowa Legislature.

Video of the news conference will be available on the Iowa Senate Democrats Facebook page. 

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4 Responses to Iowa Republicans Plan To Dismantle IPERS

  1. Benjamin says:

    Enough is enough, this legislation has already done enough damage and disservice to our public workers who make our State great. Our public workers deserve better than to have their retirement plan dismantled!


  2. Sandy W G says:

    I have contributed to the IPERS plan, along with my employer for over 20 years. I am hoping to retire in the next 3 years. By law, I am not able to discontinue participating in the plan without terminating my employment. I certainly hope that law makers take their role as public servant to heart, and protect those of us that have spent our lives as state employees and have planned our retirement years with confidence in the state retirement plan.


  3. Denise Jago says:

    I do not understand why they hate the workers of Iowa so much. Taking out the benefits of the job and the unions leads Iowa into a new list of places NOT to live. Why are the Koch brothers allowed so much pull in our state …Privatization makes them money 🤬


  4. Robert Byczek says:

    We never see any cuts in their retirement pay, health care or any other benefits.


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