Sunday Funday: Couple Of Thoughts From Tuesday Edition

Diana Broderson

Mayor Diana Broderson

Tuesday was certainly interesting. My two favorite stories from an incredible day:

Following an insane year of hunting the female mayor in Muscatine, the voters in Muscatine told the city council just what they thought of their witch hunt. The mayor was returned to her post by the voters and the councilors who backed up the witch hunt who were up for re-election were repudiated. There are still 4 members of the witch hunt council who will be up for re-election in a couple of years. Let us hope the voters remember what happened this year.

Our congratulations to the citizens of Muscatine and Mayor Broderson!

While the headlines in Virginia screamed about the bloodbath let lose on Republicans, another story that needs to get major headlines is the return of paper ballots in Virginia. This was a last minute change. The switch to paper ballots came in September. For the first time in nearly two decades, Virginia did not have totally unverifiable touch screen voting. Nope! They had totally verifiable paper ballots.

Totally verifiable paper ballot voting had to have some part to play in the Democrats success. The very fact that there is a paper trail makes it much harder to alter election totals. A huge victory for the people of Virginia. All states need to have a totally verifiable paper ballot system. If they use optical scanners there should also be a random audit procedure.

As Ronald Reagan once said “Trust, but verify.”

Another week when so much happened a body can’t keep up.

1) In Alabama, Republican senate candidate Roy Moore was accused of sexual assault on a woman when he was 32 and she was how old?

2) The current president, on his Asian trip, surprised what country by saying they should build cars in America?

3) Despite administration attempts to kill it, record numbers of people are signing up for what program?

4) Yesterday was the 99th anniversary of what major event?

5) Roy Moore isn’t the first Republican politician with a sexual problem this year. What other major Alabama politician resigned earlier this year?

6) The current president has nominated how many judges labeled “unqualified” by the American Bar Association (ABA) to lifetime appointments to the federal bench?

7) How many judges have the ABA ever labeled as “unqualified” in their history?

8) Ties between what cabinet member and Russian shipping concerns came to light this week?

9) Among the latest celebrities to get tied up in the sexual scandals is what top level comedian who has had the premiere of his movie this week cancelled?

10) The election Tuesday had many eyebrow raising victories. Perhaps the most surprising was the victory by Danica Roem for state delegate in Virginia. Roem is best known because she is what?

11) In her race, Roem defeated incumbent Bob Marshall. Marshall was best known because of his stands on what particular subject?

12) In Australia, a postal survey on gay marriage has just ended after 8 weeks. While the is non-binding and has yet to be counted, polls predict a resounding win for which side?

13) In another election surprise Tuesday was the mayor of Hoboken, NJ who professes what religion?

14) 25 years ago yesterday (November 11, 1992) the Church of England set off a small religion bomb but voting to approve what?

15) Love thy neighbor! Rene Boucher gets his 15 minutes of fame for beating up what well known next door neighbor in a dispute?

16) Now there is one. The US became the only country opposed to the Paris climate agreement when what country voiced it’s support for the agreement?

17) A statue of what author was unveiled outside the BBC in London?

18) Following Tuesday’s election, the DCCC announced it would contest more House seats, including what major Republican leader?

19) Returning to the Alabama senate race next month, a local Republican leader compared Moore’s pursuit of the girl to what biblical couple?

20) What Member of the House walked out on a ‘moment of silence’ for the Texas shooting victims stating that he “will no longer be silent”?

John Fugelsang on the Stephanie Miller Show Friday:  The difference between Republicans and Democrats on how they treat sexual scandals: Jihn Edwards cheated on his cancer stricken wife and you never see him again. Newt Gingerich cheats on his cancer stricken wife and all you ever hear on conservative media is ‘coming up – Newt Gingrich.’ (paraphrased)


1) 14

2) Japan – whose companies already have several manufacturing plants in the US

3) the ACA or Obamacare

4) the Armistice to end WWII

5) the Governor Robert Bentley

6) 2

7) 4 – so that means Trump has nominated half of those in just a couple of months

8) Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

9) Louis CK

10) a transgendered female

11) transponders using public restrooms

12) pro gay marriage

13) Ravinder Bhalla is a Sikh. As he states:  “I’m everything that Trump hates. A brown man wearing a turban, and a proud American with the know-how to stop his assaults on our country’s values.”

14) ordination of females as priests

15) Sen. Rand Paul

16) Syria

17) George Orwell

18) Speaker Paul Ryan

19) Joseph and Mary (i heard that laugh)

20) Ted Lieu of California

Andy Borowitz: “Americans Will Deem Trump’s Asia Trip a Success if He Does Not Return”

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