Can We Talk About Guns Yet?

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There hasn’t been a mass shooting in the US that appears to be worthy of mass media attention in the past three weeks, so IS NOW THE TIME TO TALK ABOUT GUNS? Can we finally get something started before the arbiter of gun conversations – the NRA –  calls another moratorium on serious discussions on ending this unconscionable slaughter and waste of life in this country.

While Las Vegas was the last mass shooting that the media chose to pick up on it is hardly the last mass shooting in this country. Since the Las Vegas incident there has been at least 12 mass shooting incidents leaving 13 dead and 38 injured. We have now had 285 mass shootings in this country this year on the 294th day of the year. So we are slightly below an average of a mass shooting a day.

I just wrote both of my senators and my representative with this message:


It has been 18 days since the mass shooting in Las Vegas.Is this now the time to talk about guns and gun violence in our society?

I have children and grand children. I do not want any of them to be targets for any goofy bastard that can get his hands on assault rifles that shoot 800 bullets a minute.

I am trusting that like me, you do not want your close relatives and loved ones to be targets for some crazed person that can get their hands on weapons designed for mass execution.

However you have power to do something about it. I do not. Therefore I am sure you will work for the safety of your loved ones and mine and begin the process of passing some sane gun laws.

Now is the time to start that conversation. NOW!

If each of us reaches into our lives we will be amazed at how much we have been affected by gun violence. The human mind is often great at repressing memories of traumatic experiences in our lives. Many victims of sexual abuse have been able to repress the memories. This allows a person to continue to function, else they would be consumed by those memories – I speak from experience on this one.

Military aside, one has to wonder how many civilians in this country have been around guns shooting that they did not anticipate (like hunting) or have had family members or close friends or loved ones killed or wounded by guns. I have been shot at at least 4 times and have known at least half a dozen people who have lost their lives to guns. This is in a small farming town in Iowa.

My kids were pre-teen when they first encountered gun deaths. Sadly, I do not think our family is that unusual. For a period of time we had a neighbor who loved his guns and had a fight going on with the ‘establishment.’ That was many years back before the fear of the black man in the White House was used to spur gun sales and heighten fear.

This is a time when we need leaders with guts to stand up to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and tell them that our America’s citizens right to live far outweighs their drive to sell guns for the gun lobby. Certainly it is long past time that the NRA and true constitutional judges read the full second amendment, including the opening clause:

       “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Going to school, walking down the street, waiting at a bus stop, eating at a fast food restaurant, going to a concert, enjoying a night on the town, driving down the street, practicing for a congressional softball game or holding a town hall should be events that Americans should be able to attend without fear that they may be shot because our laws were so lax that anyone could get a gun.

Recently women have noticed that if the anti-abortion laws so in favor among the extremist right wing were also applied to obtaining guns, it may go a long way toward lessening guns in society.

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