Sunday Funday: Flag And Cross Edition

Molly Ivins wrapped in the flag

What Sinclair Lewis is often cited as saying appears to be something neither he nor anyone else ever exactly said. Yet somehow it has been rolled into one of the most famous “quotes” of the 20th century. It goes like this:

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

According to that hunter of truth,, as far as they could tell neither Lewis nor anyone else said or wrote that in those words. Their full discussion of it is here. Not to be deterred our current leader has been putting out his best effort to both carry the bible (note that I did not say read, only carry) and wrap himself in the flag. So far, not both at the same time, but that may be his Halloween costume this year.

Here we go:

1) White nationalist Richard Spencer held a much worried about rally at what university Thursday?

2) Al Franken once more drilled what cabinet member on his knowledge of Russian ties to the current administration in a Senate Judiciary hearing?

3) Hearings were held Monday in Des Moines concerning the rules for the implementation of what law passed last year by the Iowa legislature?

4) In a phone call to the widow of a slain Green Beret soldier, the current president told the widow that the fallen soldier knew what?

5) Other people listened to that call on speaker phone including a congress member from what state?

6) 55 years ago today, President Kennedy announced what action would be taken against Cuba thus precipitating the Cuban missile crisis?

7) To deflect criticism that he did not call the families of the fallen soldiers in Niger, the current president claimed what as a defense?

8)  Hurricane Ophelia made landfall on what unlikely island last week?

9) While most of America would give the administration a very low mark on Puerto Rico hurricane response, the current president rated the response a what? (on a scale of 10)

10) Once again the Iowa Revenue Estimating Commission is calling for tax revenues to be higher or lower in the next quarter?

11) What administration official defended the current President’s action in the badly handled call to the Green Beret’s widow?

12) What congressional gun violence victim said that mass shootings are the cost of the second amendment?

13) It is possible that by the time you read this what Spanish province may have already declared independence?

14) Schizophrenic? After praising a compromise healthcare bill put together by what senators on Tuesday, the current president than blasted it on Wednesday?

15) October 25th, 1917 was the start of what uprising that would affect world politics in the 20th century?

16) In Austria, what is so unusual about the man who will be putting together the coalition government?

17) Who has offered a $10 million reward for “information leading to the impeachment of Donald Trump?”

18) What hashtag popped up last week where women can share their tales of sexual assault or harassment?

19) A public elementary school in Jackson, Ms. will change its name next year from what civil war leader to what American leader?

20) Ever there for Trump, what senator stated he will not force AG Sessions to answer questions concerning conversations he had with Trump about firing Comey?

Here is Trump carrying the bible (figuratively) at the “Value Voters Summit” last weekend. I don’t expect anyone to watch this. It is only here as proof of his sucking up to the hypocrital evangelical voters who don’t seem to understand Trump follows zero commandments. Or maybe they love him because there are exactly the same. (31 minutes)


1) Florida in Gainesville

2) AG Jeff Sessions

3) voter verification

4) “he knew what he signed up for” what a slap in the face

5) Florida- she is a close friend of the family

6) Kennedy placed a naval blockade on Cuba to stop missiles from coming in from the USSR

7) That in the past other presidents did not call families, especially Obama.

8) Ireland – seemingly too far north and east for a hurricane

9) a 10. Yep he considers what’s been done in Puerto Rico perfect

10) much lower again

11) Chief of Staff John Kelley. Blamed the problem on the congress member who complained.

12) Steve Scalise

13) Catalonia

14) Sens. Lamar Alexander (R_Tn) and Patty Murray(D-Wa)

15) The Russian Revolution

16) He will be the youngest leader in Europe. Sebastian Kurz is 31.

17) Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine

18) #MeToo

19) from Jefferson Davis to Barack Obama – the school is primarily African-American.

20) our own Chuck Grassley!

And here is Trump wrapping himself in the flag (figuratively) while letting a certain group of bad citizens (you can tell because they are mostly black) know that he is mad about the protests during the national anthem:

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