Democrats Taking on Monopolies “A Huge Deal”

Thom Hartmann is the nation’s #1 rated progressive talk radio host.  The YouTube video below is an interesting segment of a recent program. You wouldn’t miss much if you skip ahead to about 4:30 and catch the extremely important last two minutes.


“The real problem is corporate power. How did corporate power get so concentrated? It’s because Reagan in ’82 stopped enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1927… industry after industry from airlines to fast food to restaurants to theatres to manufacturing to you name it… pick an industry… they’re now controlled by 2, 3, 4, 5 major powers at the very top who interact so much with each other that they are functional monopolies. If an airline, Delta, raises its price $5.00, United will raise its price $5.00 five minutes later. If CNN goes to commercial break, MSNBC will go to commercial break. It’s functional monopoly.

“And the Democratic party looked at that and said this functional monopoly is not a great thing for the United States and we’re going to take that on. That is a huge deal. For an entire political party, the Democratic party, to say we’re going to take on monopoly, that is a huge deal. Have you seen any coverage of this whatsoever on television? No? I wonder why. Could it be because the television networks are functional monopolies? That they would be broken up under this re-emergence of the Sherman Act that the Democratic party is talking about? I think so.”


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