Loebsack: Iowa Red Cross Volunteers Need Our Financial Support

Message from Iowa’s only Democratic representative in congress, Dave Loebsack:

This weekend, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texans with flooding, high winds, and heavy rains. As many as 30,000 may be forced into shelters and 450,000 are likely to seek some form of disaster relief as more rain continues to fall.

Last Friday, I watched the news closely, knowing that both my brother and niece were in the storm’s path. But I was comforted to know that the American Red Cross would be there, working to help Texans through this historic disaster just as they helped Iowans in 2008 when floodwaters covered Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa.

It’s time to do our part to help them continue to provide relief.

Already 20 Iowa volunteers have joined the Red Cross teams in Texas, and they need our financial support.

Will you do your part for disaster relief by donating to the American Red Cross today?



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