Congress Seeking Fast-Tracking Cuts To Social Security

Back in May republicans let it be known that Social Security was a huge target. (3 minutes)

Email from Social Security Works 

Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress have demonstrated an inability to pass any meaningful legislation. But next month they’ll face a serious test:

Will they raise the nation’s debt limit―once a routine practice? Or will they once again attempt to negotiate the debt limit―holding the country’s credit rating hostage, and with it Social Security?

Why Social Security you ask? Because before Congress left on August recess, four Representatives announced their plans to attach a so-called Social Security commission to the routine debt ceiling increase in a blatant attempt to cut our earned benefits.

Reps. John Delaney (D-MD), Scott Peters (D-CA), Tom Cole (R-OK) and David Trott (R-MI) have introduced H.R. 3423, the Social Security Commission Act of 2017―a measure whose sole purpose is to justify cuts to Social Security.

Write your Representative right now and tell them that Social Security is not a hostage or a bargaining chip. It’s a beloved program that supports millions of retirees, children, surviving spouses and people with disabilities. Tell them to reject H.R. 3423.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Republicans for the first time threatened to default on our country’s loans by demanding cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid―attaching those measures to an increase in our nation’s borrowing power.

And now, in an identical attack on our earned benefits, they’re trying to fast-track cuts to Social Security, attaching this commission to a must-pass piece of legislation.

With members of Congress home for recess, they need to hear from us right now. Write your Representative today and tell them to reject H.R. 3423. Tell them to remove Social Security from the debt ceiling debate.

We will not stand by while conservatives in Washington and on Wall Street take Social Security hostage.

Thank you,

Alex Lawson
Social Security Works

Editor’s note: Diminishing or eliminating Social Security has been perhaps the top goal for extreme right wing Republicans since the day the Social Security Act was first passed in 1935. With a congress of mostly extreme right wingers on the Republican side of the aisle these days, plus a president whose only concern is himself and who will kill SS in a second, the Social Security system is in danger like it never has been before.

Please let your congress member know that doing anything to Social Security that will diminish it and he or she will immediately lose your vote.

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