Sunday Funday: May You Live In Interesting Times Edition

Miss me yet?

For those of us who are a bit long in the tooth what we are seeing unfold in Washington can’t help but remind us of events some 44 years back just after another Republican stayed in the White House in very questionable circumstances. Of course the major differences in the stories are that this one appears to have conspired with an enemy government to gain the White House and his party is in charge of the investigations.

Palace intrigue is something that always captures our attention and imagination. While there may be some aspects of a replay to this current intrigue, there will be more than enough new to give our imaginations and problem solving skills a good workout. Not to mention our ability to to pronounce Russian names and keep a long list of players straight. For a timeline of the Watergate breaking, coverup and investigation you can start here at Wikipedia.

Were you paying attention?

1) Speaking of the investigation, things really got interesting when who was said to be seeking immunity in return for testifying before the Intelligence Committee?

2) Along that same lines, the administration is trying to block what witness on grounds of executive privilege?

3) What head of the House Intelligence Committee head met with the President breaking all rules of the investigation last week?

4) Iowa once more got headlines as an anti-worker state when Branstad signed a bill that did what to Iowa’s minimum wage?

5) An amendment to disallow abortions after a fetal heartbeat was rejected by a committee in the Iowa House. This would have limited abortions after about how many weeks of pregnancy?

6) A fire underneath a bridge on I85 caused the bridge to collapse. This collapse will cause major traffic headaches in what major US city?

7) What presidential adviser and son-in-law will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee concerning contacts with Russian agents?

8) On this date in 1865, the Confederate government began evacuation from their capital in what city?

9) Congressman Ted Yoho of Florida let a secret out of the bag in an interview defending Devin Nunes when he said Congress works for who?

10) On the heels of the Brexit vote last summer, Scotland has decided to take what measure?

11) The administration revealed plans to pay for the border wall by doing what?

12) A Canadian gold coin weighing 221 pounds was stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin. What is the estimated value of the gold in the coin at current US prices?

13) He’s back! What Fox News(?) commentator has been reinstated and still claims that Obama spied on the Republican nominee?

14) The NFL Raiders are on the move again. Where will they be calling home next?

15) April 4th, 1968. Who was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee?

16) April 5th was the target date for Maryland teen Nichole Cervario to carry out what plan?

17) 100 years ago this coming Thursday (April 6th) the US entered into what conflict?

18) April 8th is celebrated around the world as the birthday of what major religious figure?

19) A bill awaiting the governor’s signature in Mississippi would bring back what form of execution in Mississippi?

20) In Pasadena, Texas Mayor John Isbell addressed Councilor Cody Ray Wheeler, who is Hispanic, with what pejorative in an open council session?

AND the final fours are all this weekend. Collegiate men’s and women’s basketball and the infamous frozen four hockey tournament.


1) Former NSA Michael Flynn

2) Sally Yates

3) Devin Nunes

4) disallowed counties from setting different minimums, thus causing reductions in Johnson, Linn, Wapello and Polk counties.

5) 6 weeks. Many times pregnancies are not even known by then

6) Atlanta, Georgia

7) Jared Kushner

8) Richmond, Virginia

9) the president. Maybe they missed orientation

10) They will hold another referendum on leaving Britain

11) cutting popular programs such as the National Institute of Health and community development block grants

12) about $4.5 million. Face value is 1 million CD.

13) Andrew Napolitano!

14) Las Vegas

15) Martin Luther King

16) a mass shooting attack on her school. Her parents turned her in before anything could happen.

17) what was at the time known as The Great War and is now called World War I

18) Buddha

19) firing squad. Electrocution is also in the bill since drugs seem to be drying up as a way to kill inmates.

20) “boy”

See you next week.

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