Young Recommends Trump Release Taxes, Then Votes Against It

protestors at Rep. David Young’s office – Jan. 19, 2017 courtesy

Just in case you folks out in Iowa’s third district missed Rep. Young’s little bit of fancy political stepping: 

Republican Rep. David Young ignited loud cheers from hundreds at an Iowa meeting last week when he said, “Donald Trump should release his taxes,” calling the move a “no brainer.”

Given the first chance to force the GOP president’s hand, Young passed.

The two-term, Des Moines-area lawmaker returned to Washington and sided with the Republican majority late Monday to block a Democratic attempt to force Trump to release his tax returns to Congress

Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., had proposed the resolution directing the House to ask for 10 years of Trump’s tax returns and allow the House Ways and Means Committee to review them in private. Trump broke with most modern-day presidential candidates by refusing to release his tax returns, arguing that he was being audited. However, the IRS has said an audit would not prevent an individual from releasing the returns.

The Republican-controlled House backed Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s motion to postpone the resolution indefinitely on a near party-line vote of 229-185.

Look at what I say, not what I do.

With the information coming forward about Russia’s involvement in the Trump campaign and the fact that Trump may be personally compromised by an enemy state, to stand in the way of an investigation sure seems to be an out and out obstruction of justice. Seems like something you would see the mafia do in an old movie.

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