Sunday Funday: The High Holy Days Of Basketball Approacheth

The early rites are already on display in places like St. Louis and Indianapolis for college women and in many states for high school girls. Few rites convey the true spirit of the passage from the indoors of winter to the outdoors of spring as the plethora of season ending basketball festivals held around the country this time of year.

Teams have worked hard to make it to the ultimate game. Being in the final game of any season is a high honor indeed. Trappings of glory surround competitors as they do battle in the ultimate arena. Festivities continue until the the college champions are crowned on April 2nd for the women and April 3rd for the men.

Adherents have prepared their TVs so they can join view the battles. Sacrifices of beef, ham, potato chips, taco chips, salsa  and beer are expected to be part of the ritual viewing. Many will also try to prove their god-like powers by picking who will win each game. This yearly rite is exceeded only by Christmas in participation.

Were you paying attention? Man it is busy

1) What Iowa politician became a national chuckle when his stated education was shown not to be a school but a company that owned some Sizzler steakhouse franchises?

2) Which cabinet member was exposed as having lied to the Senate committee concerning meeting with Russians during the presidential campaign?

3) Which other cabinet member was confirmed just before information came to light that he may have laundered money for a Russian oligarch and channeled it to Trump?

4) Did the bill proposed to check a university professor’s political leanings in Iowa survive the cutoff?

5) What senior White House advisor was also revealed to have met with a Russian ambassador after the election, but before the inauguration?

6) Vandalism to Jewish cemeteries was reported in what three American cities in the past two weeks?

7) March 5, 1770 British troops opened fire on a group of rowdy Americans killing 5 and injuring 6 in what became known as what?

8) The 45th president announced he would not attend what annual charity event?

9) What high US government official used his personal email for sensitive state business as a state governor and had that account hacked?

10) The wave of hate for immigrants in the US led to the shooting death and injury of workers at the Garmin company in what Kansas city?

11) Who stated this week that “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”?

12) SpaceX announced that it will fly two tourists where in 2018?

13) After a major fumble, the Oscar for best film was finally given to what movie?

14) The current president knows who or what is causing all the protests. Who or what did the current president blame?

15) March 6, 1836. What fort finally fell to the Mexican forces led by General Santa Ana?

16) Which former president stood up for the press saying they were critical to hold people who abuse power accountable?

17) The Iowa legislature stopped work on the bill that would end what 40 year old law that helps keep our highways clean and puts a nickel in some kids pockets?

18) The Kansas Supreme Court found that the state has unconstitutionally way underfunded what in Brownback’s market driven utopia?

19) The Profiles in Courage Award in the centennial of JFK’s birth year (May 29, 1917) will go to whom?

20) The world’s oldest fossils – thought to be as old as 4.28 billion years old  – were found in what country?

If you have children, you may want to advise them to take Russian as a foreign language. Seems to be quite popular in upper government circles these days.


1) Mark Chelgrin of Ottumwa

2) AG Jeff Sessions

3) Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

4) it died thus saving Iowa from many more rounds of derision

5) Trump son-in-law Jared Kurshner

6) St. Louis, Philadelphia and Rochester, NY

7) the Boston Massacre

8) the White House Correspondents dinner

9) Vice-President Mike Pence (did I hear a “lock him up”?)

10) Olathe

11) the current president.

12) around the moon. Think of the frequent flyer miles!

13) “Moonlight”

14) The previous president, Barack Obama.

15) Fort Alamo in San Antonio

16) George W. Bush. Yes, really

17) the bottle bill.

18) schools.

19) Barack Obama – if he can stop starting protests for a few minutes

20) Canada

happy tourney viewing.

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