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Letter to the editor from Don Paulson, Muscatine County Democratic chair

Not a smooth beginning to the Trump Era, is it? To those of you who voted for Trump or didn’t vote at all, you are going to get the kind of governing that no one deserves. Except the wealthy, of course. They’ll do just fine.

Do you want to know the first thing the Trump folks did? They canceled a cut in the mortgage fee that President Obama’s Administration set. So much for the blather about helping the American people. It will now be more expensive for Americans to buy a house.

And how about that wall? They still want to build it, but have finally admitted that American taxpayers will shell out about $20 billion to pay for it. No word yet on whether the Canadians are going to build their $200 billion wall and make us pay for it!

Over the weekend they fessed up and said Trump will not ever release his tax returns, federal audit or not. Where there is smoke there is fire- how many years did he not pay federal income tax, and what incriminating Russian evidence is in there?

His millionaire and billionaire cabinet picks are alarming. Some have no experience whatsoever in the departments he expects them to run. Examples-

* Secretary of State- Rex Tillerson- no government experience, CEO of ExxonMobil and pals with Vladimir Putin.
* Secretary of Education- Betsy DeVos- billionaire heiress to the Amway fortune, Republican mega donor, enemy of public education.
* Secretary of Housing and Urban Development- Ben Carson- no experience and no clue.
* Secretary of Energy- Rick Perry- former Texas Governor and dullard from “Dancing With the Stars”. He has said that until recently he thought the Dept. of Energy was a rah-rah club for the oil and gas industry.

These are disturbing choices from a disturbed President. No one who is serious about the decorum of the office of President of the United States would use tweets to talk about inconsequential things like the size of crowds at an Inauguration. Not to mention lie about it. There is no such thing as “alternate facts”- they are just lies. Trump and his Press Secretary getting into an argument with the press over this is nonsense.

We may get some clarity on Mr. Trump’s huge ethical challenges. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has filed a lawsuit, claiming he is in violation of Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

I believe the American Civil Liberties Union is also planning a suit along similar lines. Trump has so many holdings all over the world that the corruption argument is certainly plausible.

This is going to be a wild and terrifying ride for ordinary Americans, and it’s only going to get worse.

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