Sunday Funday: Don’t Be A Sucker Edition

First question for today:
Are there any lessons for today in the following 1947 from the US military produced post WWII? (17.5 minutes)

1) A 140,000 gallon diesel pipeline spill occurred on farm ground in what northern Iowa county?

2) “Alternate Facts” will be a phrase that will hang around forever. What administration spokesperson uttered this toxic phrase on network TV?

3) In a really unusual move, what foreign leader made an appearance in front of a Republican party gathering rather than before Congress?

4) What TV star who died last week had a series that was a major step forward in showing women could stand on their own?

5) Our enemies are now friends and our friends are now enemies. The head of what country cancelled a trip to visit the new president last week?

6) Vladimir Putin claimed last week (and our new president would no doubt concur) that Russia had the very best what?

7) What is the latest number of illegal voters that our new president claims voted in November?

8) How many instances of voter fraud have been substantiated?

9) One of the methods of paying for the Republican Wall against Mexico was a tariff of how much on goods coming from Mexico?

10) Another misguided Republican bill in the Iowa legislature would expand the religious reasons for parents to opt out of what?

11) What ballot initiative was given the go ahead to start collecting signatures to put the measure on the ballot in California?

12) For the first time in its 70 year history the Doomsday Clock has been moved how much closer to Midnight?

13) What was the reason scientists in charge of the Doomsday Clock gave for the move they made?

14) The new president ran into heavy Republican opposition as he moved to reinstitute what tactic used under W?

15) What ethics watchdog group filed a lawsuit against the new president for violating the emoluments clause of the constitution?

16) What American city did the president threaten to invade if they didn’t do more to reduce crime?

17) The governor of Minnesota collapsed Monday during his state of the state address due to what?

18) An official complaint against Trump in what foreign country was expanded Wednesday to include not having proper permits added to tax evasion?

19) Butch Trucks died last week. He was a founding member of what iconic rock band?

20) The senior staff of what cabinet level department all quit Thursday?



1) Worth

2) KellyAnne Conway

3) Theresa May PM of Great Britain

4) Mary Tyler Moore

5) Mexico. He cancelled in reaction to Trump signing an order to build The Republican Wall Against Mexico

6) prostitutes. Surely Donny agrees

7) over 5million (or that was the last I heard and every on voted for Hillary)

8) 4 – all republicans including one in Iowa

9) 20% – remember Iowans, Mexico buys a lot of our corn

10) childhood vaccinations

11) Calexit or an initiative for California to leave the US

12) 30 seconds

13) Donald Trump and heated up nuclear weapon talk and backing off on climate action

14) torture. Thune noted it was against the law

15) CREW (citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington)

16) Chicago – he actually said he’d send in the National Guard. But if they are nit requested, I’d say it’s an invasion.

17) prostate cancer

18) Mexico – Trump signed the wall order later

19) the Allman Brothers band

20) State Department

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