Ajit Pai: New FCC Chair Foe of Net Neutrality

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Timothy Karr, FreePress.net

Ajit Pai — a former Verizon lawyer — is now the head of the FCC. And he’s vowed to destroy Net Neutrality.

The open internet is more important than ever — we need it to mobilize the growing resistance movements happening in our communities.

Donald Trump’s pick to lead the FCC wants to destroy Net Neutrality.

Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has vowed to reverse all of the agency’s pro-consumer free speech protections. He told phone and cable lobbyists that he’ll take a “weed whacker” to the Net Neutrality rules.(1)

It makes sense that Trump promoted Pai, who’s served on the FCC as a commissioner since 2012. He’s long pushed “alternative facts” about Net Neutrality, which must have endeared him to the president and his corporate handlers.

Chip in $5 to help save Net Neutrality and defend your online rights.

There’s a powerful and growing resistance movement in the United States and destroying Net Neutrality — and our ability to fuel activism online — would cut it off at the knees. Millions of people from across the political spectrum took action at the FCC to protect our rights to connect and communicate.2 Your voice was heard in the many victories we’ve won over the years. We weren’t quiet in the past and we won’t be silent going forward.

With your help, we can keep winning.

Tim, Candace and the rest of the Free Press team

1. “Open Internet Activists Fear Pai Will Reverse Crucial Free Speech Protections,” Motherboard, Jan. 24, 2017:

2. “New FCC Boss Doesn’t Look Great for Consumers: ‘Seems Like Prices Go Up Every Time You Deregulate,’” Los Angeles Times, Jan. 23, 2017:

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Editor’s note:

I believe since Pai is already serving on the FCC and therefore has had a confirmation hearing, he will not have to have another confirmation hearing as he moves up to chair.

Also, the party controlling the White house usually gets the majority on the FCC so the new president will be appointing someone to fill Pai’s seat. Pai is filling the seat of the retired chair Tom Wheeler. Expect mostly 3 to 2 Republican votes as we lose net neutrality.

Finally, our best guess of what a pay to play internet may look at, look at your cable or satellite TV system with it’s many tiers, premium channels and pay-per-view set ups.

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