Video: Trump Praises Hillary

From 2008:

Videos like this make it pretty plain that Donald Trump’s candidacy is purely a lark. He stands for nothing. His motives are personal and profit driven.

Trump has no interest in governing, and little interest in even learning how our government works. He cares little about millions of Americans who struggle day to day to make ends meet.

Hillary Clinton as noted by Trump himself is a good person who cares about Americans. Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised that in the solitary confines of the voting booth he doesn’t vote for Hillary himself.

Clinton has spent a lifetime working to improve the lot of everyday Americans. Trump has spent a lifetime doing whatever Trump feels like doing. Some of that has resulted in some very embarrassing revelations and even several lawsuits against him.

Hillary Clinton has put forth policy statements explaining her goals for America. Most of Clinton’s goals have to do with restoring middle America and bringing equality to all Americans.

Corporate media has for the most part ignored these statements claiming that she refuses to take stands on many issues. They do so only to feed their horse race reporting to increase their advertisement revenues. Donald Trump has only made broad, non-specific statements on policy showing his ignorance on both government and policy.

Back then when Donald Trump says he believed Hillary Clinton was a good and smart person, he was speaking the truth. Since then Trump has gone into almost full time lying in his outrageous attacks on Clinton.

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